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It’s National Dog Day!

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We’re drooling over these precious store dogs

It’s National Dog Day! Well technically, tomorrow is the official National Dog Day. But let’s face it, pet lovers dedicate every day to caring for our sweet, furry friends.

Does your dog visit your store? Do you let your customers’ dogs in as well? As it turns out, quite a few of our customers have integrated their canine companions into their stores with open arms and wagging tails. The effects have been very positive. Dogs can draw new people into your store, and strengthen relationships with customers. Of course, this concept won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’ve ever thought about it, here’s some inspiration.

To celebrate National Dog Day, we’ve asked a few jewelers to introduce us to their precious pups.


Meet Bisbee!

Passions: Beauty rest • Breakfast sandwiches • Chicken jerky

National Dog Day Bisbee Mini Australian ShepherdBisbee has been coming to Spectrum Art & Jewelry since he was eight weeks old. His routine is simple: he greets my staff, then sleeps all day, waking up periodically to be admired and petted by customers while barking at random folks. Then, at 5 pm, Bisbee comes alive, and he’s ready to play, bringing his toys out to anyone who will engage. He loves my jeweler, especially when he shares his breakfast sandwich with him in the mornings.


National Dog Day Bisbee Mini Australian Shepherd

I have clients that come to the store just to see the dog, including one gentleman who has been walking past my storefront daily for years for his evening cocktail at the restaurant next door. He lit up when he met Bisbee as a puppy! Eventually, he made it his evening ritual to stop in three nights a week, precisely at 5:45 pm, for cuddles and to give Bisbee exactly three pieces of chicken jerky. Bisbee loves him! Once in a while on an unscheduled day, Bisbee sees Bob walking by and can’t understand why he isn’t coming in for a visit. It’s heartwarming to see how much affection they have for each other!

This photo pictures Bisbee making nice in hopes for another bite.





Meet Luke!

National Dog Day Luke Boxer

Passions: His favorite treats • Toys • Fun activities

National Dog Day Luke Boxer

Luke reports, “I’m a real watch dog. I love to watch people come in the store every day as I go to work with my owner Tom. If you give me a bit of a scratching, I’ll lean on you. Keep it up, and I’ll sit on your foot so you can’t leave. Don’t bring me treats, as I’m trying to keep my puppy figure.”

Luke barks on about his role at the store, “I’m here to show the ladies that although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I’m pretty sweet too. Can I get an amen for that?”

Luke also moonlights as the wine dog at Glatz Wine Cellars.



Meet Weiser!

Passions: Stuffed Animals • Treats • Starbucks Pup Cups

Lang Jewelers is located next door to a Starbucks. Every morning, Weiser’s owner Tom enjoys a cup of coffee outside of Starbucks, at a table right in front of our store. When we open the store, we prop the door open and invite Weiser in for a treat. With the go-ahead from Tom, Weiser picks up his leash in his mouth and literally walks himself into our store to see us. It is the funniest thing and has become something we look forward to each day! He then thanks us on command with a bark heard throughout the town center.

National Dog Day Weiser Golden RetrieverWeiser is what they call a Kentucky Red Golden Retriever because of his red coloring. Weiser grew up with a best friend named Bud (also a golden retriever), but Bud passed awhile back. Bud and Weiser worked as Service dogs at the Shands Hospital here in Gainesville, Florida. Bud loved people, but Weiser was a little less interested in visiting the hospital patients and more interested in finding stuffed animals. Dogs are always welcome in our store, and we always have treats ready for our furry friends.

National Dog Day Weiser Golden Retriever

Meet Gus!

National Dog Day Gus Labradoodle

Passions: Lounging by the fireplace • Hiking outdoors

National Dog Day Gus LabradoodleGus is the Director of Barketing here at Daniel Diamonds. He is a 1 1/2 -year-old Labradoodle. His role at the store includes greeting customers, bringing people his ball, and playing tag. He has a large fan club, and when he isn’t at work, everybody asks about him. Gus gets super excited when people visit with treats, especially when they bring other dogs to play. On his off time, Gus loves rolling in the grass with a toy in his mouth. He likes to venture outdoors too, splashing through the creek water as he investigates all the best hiking trails.


Meet Walker!

Passions: Drooling over diamonds • Food supervision • Deep-diving in the pool

National Dog Day Walker Labrador Retriever

National Dog Day Walker Labrador RetrieverWalker started coming to the jewelry store when he was nine-weeks old! On a day-to-day basis, he politely begs for treats and assists with diamond sales. During most diamond sales, Walker sits on the chair next to me or one of my two sons. He sniffs diamond parcels and keeps smiles on customers’ faces. Walker seems to know his stones pointing his nose at a diamond the customer should buy. He’s very considerate, offering his water bowl if they are thirsty. His favorite snacks include, but are not limited to, Tater Tots, Goldfish, Wheat Thins, and whatever his little brother, Finley, throws on the floor during dinner time. At the end of the day, you can find Walker swimming in the pool, searching for his ball that inevitably sinks to the bottom! Keep up with Walker and his owner at Toodies Fine Jewelry.


Meet Matt!

Passions: Benchwork • Peanut Butter • Shop management

National Dog Day Matt Jack Russel Terrier

National Dog Day Matt Jack Russel Terrier

Matt is quite a personable pup and always jumps up on my lap when I’m working at the bench. He actually seems interested in what I’m doing up here. For Take Your Dog To Work Day, I gave him my chair and let him look around the bench — he appeared to know what he was doing! He loves peanut butter, tennis balls, and Ikea Hand Puppets. As Matt’s owner, I work at home as a strictly wholesale Bench Jeweler. Matt snoops around in the shop anytime he’s bored, or when he wants my attention to go outside for business. Follow Bench Concepts LLC on Facebook for more on Matt and his owner Scott.


Meet Jules!

Passions: Chew toys • Sunbathing • Touring the town

National Dog Day Jules Pit Bull

A short memoir by Jules E. Weiler:

National Dog Day Jules Pit Bull“After being rescued from the DeKalb County animal shelter, I was fortunate enough to secure a position at Decatur City Jewelers. I’m a sweet, sensitive companion, proving time and time again the tenderheartedness of my breed. I think there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. I make friends easily wherever I go. From the local bank to the Home Depot nearby, I’m welcomed nearly everywhere in town. I love to nap, especially in the sun, attracting pets, kids, and prospective customers. Who’s a good boy? I am!” Follow Jules on Instagram here to keep up with all his activities.

Does your dog visit your store? Do you let your customers’ pets in as well? Tell us all about it in the comments below. Or, send your National Dog Day pictures to for a feature.


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