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OPEN UP for a Week’s Worth of Mother’s Day Social Media Posts

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Count down to May 12th with these ready-to-share social posts

We are just a few short weeks away from one of jewelry’s BIGGEST holidays— Mother’s Day! Yep, it turns out molding and shaping the humans of the future is kind of a big deal. Moms kiss all the ouchies, pack all the lunches, read all the bedtime stories, and you know what they are expecting on the big day? A hand-drawn card. Maybe some flowers. Or, my personal favorite, a homemade coupon book for free massages.

Although it’s true that moms adore the mushy stuff, as members of the jewelry industry, it is our duty to convince the children and dads of the world that Mom deserves something sparkly this year! Now, I know this selling season can be even more hectic than Christmas for some of you guys (somebody’s got to set all of those tiny birthstones in those family rings), but we have a message to get out! And we’re going to use social media to do it. Who’s with me?

Here are seven ideas and suggestions for Mother’s Day social media posts. The content below is ready to share with your followers!

May 5

Allow Mom to tell HER family’s story with stunning personalized jewelry. 💍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We guarantee it will be her new favorite piece! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Mom Jewelry

May 6

What’s Mother’s Day without flowers? 💐✨ Change it up and surprise here this year with authentic, gold-trimmed roses! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Gold-Trimmed Roses

May 7

Her devotion to her family is what makes her extraordinary. Allow Mom to show off her greatest accomplishment: YOU. 💖💎 Let us create a piece of personalized family jewelry containing you and your siblings’ birthstones. #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Family Jewelry

May 8

Did you know that pearls are one of the most popular types of heirloom jewelry? Give Mom a meaningful gift that she can hand down one day! 👩🎁 #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Pearl Jewelry

May 9

She’s the heart and soul of your family, the one who holds things together. She’s Mom, and we’d love to help you celebrate her! 👩‍👧‍👦💎 #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Mom Jewelry

May 10

Stumped on a gift for Mom this year? What about a one-of-a-kind gem for your one-of-a-kind mom? 🌈💎  Gift her a gemstone this year and let HER decide what it will become. We’d love to help her build a custom piece! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Gemstones

May 11

To Mom, With Love 💍💌 Let us help you find Mom the gift she deserves this year!  #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Mother’s Day Social Media Posts Jewelry

Let’s go ahead and call this one the #StullerLovesMoms challenge. Count down the days with these Mother’s Day social media posts to give rockstar moms around the world gifts they will treasure forever! All you have to do is save the images above to your desktop. Then, copy and paste the captions to create effective Mother’s Day social media posts.

PS: If anyone feels like sending this to my husband, let me know in the comments down below! 😉


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