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Count Down With These 7 Mother’s Day Social Media Posts


Celebrate Mother's Day with these ready-to-share posts for your social media

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! Moms are a vital member of every family — they are truly the glue that keep us together. Moms wear many hats, and we need to show our appreciation for all the things they do.

Mother’s Day is a busy time for you and your business, and while that’s great for you, that means it’s easy to put things like social media on the back burner.

I’m here to help. I’ve got one week’s worth of Mother’s Day social media posts that are ready for you to share.

Here are 7 Mother’s Day social media posts for you to use to count down to the big day!

All you need to do is click and drag the photos to your desktop, then copy and paste the caption.

May 3

What’s more classic than pearl jewelry? Show Mom you love her with some timeless staples! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

May 4

With personalized jewelry, Mom can tell the story of her family. Let her show off the people she cares about the most with gemstones and engraving! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

May 5

Moms are amazing, extraordinary, beautiful people. They have loved us since birth, and a mother’s love will forever remain unmatched. Gift her with something she can hold onto forever! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

May 6

Mother’s Day is coming up, and customizable jewelry might be the best gift. Give Mom something that makes her think of you by utilizing birthstone fashion and engravable pieces. These create something she will cherish forever. #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

May 7

Show moms-to-be some love this Mother’s Day! Gift all the future mothers in your life jewelry that will forever represent her journey to and through motherhood. #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

May 8

Just like a mother’s love, diamonds are forever! #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

May 9

We’ve got matching mother-daughter gifts! Wear your love for each other always. #MothersDay #StullerLovesMoms

Again, just copy and paste the captions and drag the photos to your desktop, and you’re ready to go.

My Story

I remember, about five years ago, my mom took my brother and I into a jewelry store and asked us to pick out a band as our gift to her. We found one that reminded us of her, and still, to this day, she wears that ring more than any other piece of jewelry she owns. It’s a special symbol of our love for her, and it makes her smile every time she thinks about it.

Do you have a special memory involving your mom and jewelry? Let us know in the comments below! And if you use any of these Mother’s Day social media posts in your marketing, use #StullerLovesMoms so we can see!


Hannah Blaine

Former Social Media Specialist