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Commemorate Monumental Anniversaries With Gemstones

Engulf yourself in the story and symbolism of a gemstone when signifying yet another transcendent year of marriage.

Each passing year of marriage is traditionally awarded a unique and distinct gift. A third wedding anniversary is usually a gift made of leather, while the tradition of lace marks the thirteenth. Nonetheless, monumental anniversaries are considered an accomplishment and even a milestone for couples.  

Each year of marriage can also be honored by a different gemstone that symbolizes a love tested by time. Let’s dive deeper into the specific gemstones that correspond with a 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversary. 

5th Anniversary: Timeless Like a Sapphire 

Sapphire, commonly recognized for its beautiful blue hues, is available in various colors while also having the options of natural and lab-grown. Choose from green, pink, yellow, teal, purple, and so many more extraordinary tones. The only color that it is not available in is red, and this is because gemstones formed from red corundum are called rubies.  

Rated as a nine on the Mohs hardness scale, this qualifies sapphires to be one of the most scratch-resistant gemstones to exist. Being one of the hardest gemstones makes it an appropriate representative of a 5th wedding anniversary. It perfectly symbolizes a marriage destined to go the distance and was even believed by ancient Greek and Roman kings and queens to protect the wearer from any harm that should occur to them. Shop our loose natural sapphire and lab-grown assortments.

monumental anniversaries sapphires

10th Anniversary: As Strong as a Diamond 

Diamonds, both lab-grown and natural, are the hardest minerals on earth. It’s fitting to say that they can easily signify a strong bond of someone’s passion. Since diamonds are quite popular to be selected as a center stone for engagement rings, a classic diamond representing a 10th wedding anniversary is perfect.  

Once hitting the big ten mark, it has become quite popular to update original engagement rings or center stones to something with a higher carat weight or a higher quality (color/clarity) of diamonds. Some may even choose to purchase a whole new anniversary band to add to their existing ring stack.  

Either way, these precious diamonds are known for their complex development process of high temperatures and pressure. These conditions are also a part of the inevitable joys and challenges of any married life. Check out our selection of lab-grown and natural melee diamonds.

monumental anniversaries diamonds

15th Anniversary: Rubies That Are Full of Passion 

The deep, bright red hue that shines from a ruby is utterly intoxicating. It embodies the true essence of passion, raw emotion, and love — everything marriage has when it hits 15 years. This gemstone represents a desire that has continued to grow deeper and more flourishing over time.  

Rubies have been seen throughout history to showcase their many properties. However, the Sanskrit word for ruby is “ratnaraj,” roughly translated to “king of precious stones.” It makes a ruby the perfect gemstone for a customer to gift a princess or prince that is the most precious to their heart. It is also believed to bring good luck whenever worn on the left hand. Shop our wide variety of natural and lab-grown ruby gemstones.

monumental anniversaries rubies

20th Anniversary: A Love That Burns Like a Yellow Diamond 

Two decades of being in love is an award in and of itself, but no one can complain about a little extra sparkle. The 20th monumental anniversary gemstone is the vibrant yellow diamond, offered in natural and color enhanced at Stuller. The golden tones can symbolize a cheerful and overwhelming joy as well as prosperity that has grown throughout the years.  

It also tells the story of an endured love that a couple has conquered during the era. When people notice a yellow diamond, they can see a fire that almost represents a constant flame. That flame burns throughout, just like the years of devotion between two people — signifying the continuation of a life lived happily and in love. Make sure to browse our collection of color-enhanced yellow melee diamonds.

monumental anniversaries yellow diamonds

Every anniversary is just as important to celebrate as the last, but these impressive years are ones to commemorate and acknowledge the outstanding achievement. Make sure your business is stocked with these exceptional gemstones so you can create the perfect piece for anyone that is celebrating their own monumental anniversaries.  

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Julianne Llewellyn

Former Staff Writer