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Moissy Fine Jewelry: Reaching New Heights With Moissanite

Moissy Fine Jewelry

Discover how the Canadian-based fine jewelry brand is becoming an international sensation.

According to The Knot’s 2021 Jewelry and Engagement Study, diamonds — unsurprisingly — remain the favorite engagement ring center stone. However, the study also notes the rise in popularity gemstones are experiencing in the bridal space and recognizes Moissanite as the second-most popular center stone behind diamonds. With its excellent durability, stunning sparkle, and attractive price point, it’s easy to see why a modern gemstone like Moissanite would start to catch the eye of the modern consumer.


One could attribute the success of Moissanite to breakthrough jewelers, such as Moissy Fine Jewelry, who are experimenting with fine jewelry and bridal designs using this stunning stone and offering their customers modern options alongside their beloved classics.


While one may find a jeweler that will incorporate Moissanite into their dream design, how often do you find a jeweler specializing specifically in Moissanite jewelry? According to their website, Moissy Fine Jewelry “specializes in Moissanite gemstones for lovers of everything beautiful” and is reaching new heights as an international jewelry brand.

Brilliant Beginnings

moissy fine jewelry moissanite fine jewelryLike many of us, Colleen Montague, founder and owner of Moissy Fine Jewelry, is a big fan of sparkle, and who could blame her? Her husband proposed with a classic diamond engagement ring, which she loved. However, after a few years the couple began looking for an upgrade. What they found was that their idea of an upgrade came with a heavy financial investment — a little beyond what they were wanting at that time in their lives. So, they began looking at other options.

As a lover of all things sparkly, Colleen took to the internet to explore diamond alternatives. It was here that she discovered the perfect Moissanite to upgrade her ring.

Over time, she continued to upgrade her ring’s center stone with bigger and better quality Moissanite. Eventually, she wanted to look locally to support jewelers in her area. Unfortunately, this became a more difficult task than she expected.

“I discovered I was getting a lot of pushback when I went to a traditional diamond store,” she said, “Either they didn’t have anything good to say about [Moissanite], they didn’t have any inventory of it, or they were pulling a dusty Moissanite out of a back drawer that wasn’t set, and I couldn’t get a good feel for it.”

Colleen knew the beauty and dependability of Moissanite and couldn’t understand why others didn’t share her appreciation. It is in this moment that Colleen saw a business opportunity to share her love of Moissanite with others and to make this gemstone more accessible in the fine jewelry market.

Over the course of a year, Colleen researched suppliers, manufacturers, and everything else she would need to know about jumping into a new business venture. In 2018, the first brick-and-mortar location of Moissy Fine Jewelry opened in Toronto, Canada.

moissanite engagement rings moissy fine jewelry

Growing Boldly

Colleen was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Moissy Fine Jewelry grew in a short amount of time. It wasn’t long until the brand was expanding across international lines to Arizona — where Moissanite was discovered — and again in Canada with a location in Ottawa. The most recent expansion of Moissy Fine Jewelry can be found in Houston, where they have only been open for a few months.


With such rapid expansion in a relatively short period of time for a business, one wonders what the secret is.


As it turns out, Colleen’s secret to success is simply identifying a gap in the market that people were just waiting to be filled.

moissy fine jewelry moissanite jewelry

With every new location, Colleen remarks that she is surprised at the general knowledge her customers already have about Moissanite. While there is always education happening in the store, her customers know they are looking for Moissanite jewelry and were simply waiting for someone to provide it.


“I thought I knew what my customer base was going to be when I first started,” says Colleen, “I figured they would be millennial age. It would be females coming in to do their research. But I also have an older clientele.”


She has found that it’s not just this younger generation of consumers that is fascinated with Moissanite but customers of all backgrounds that are looking for a beautiful gemstone at a price point they love.

Strategic Adjustments

As many of us remember, retail businesses struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and had to adapt to survive. Like many other businesses, Moissy Fine Jewelry took to e-commerce solutions to sell their products. Their online presence began to boom much like their physical locations, and they continued to see gradual growth during the pandemic.


As Colleen put it, even though everyone’s incomes were affected by the pandemic, “love didn’t stop.” People were still in love and proposing. Moissy Fine Jewelry was there to be a solution for love in challenging times.

A Bright Future

With an intriguing story filled with business growth and prosperity, there is only one question left: what’s next?


“There are so many places for Moissanite to go. We are just happy to be the company introducing it to all markets,” says Colleen.


Lab-grown stones are on the rise in today’s jewelry market. Consumers are wanting to know their options, and that is Colleen’s ultimate goal. While Moissy Fine Jewelry is a brand that will always cater to consumers looking for all things that sparkle and shine, she hopes that traditional jewelers will look more favorably on Moissanite, so everyone can easily access this brilliant gemstone.


Moissy Fine Jewelry is looking to expand to department stores and new markets in the United States by the end of the year. Continue to join along in their journey by following them on social media at @MoissyFineJewellery.


We wish Colleen and the entire Moissy Fine Jewelry team luck in what is hopefully a very prosperous future!


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