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Moissanite – Part I

Lindsey Prewitt, Gemstone Product Manager, shares Moissanite facts

moissaniteMoissanite is a gorgeous colorless to near-colorless gem grown in a controlled environment from a tiny seed right here in the USA. It is hand-cut and polished by master craftsmen, which brings its fire and brilliance to life. For many years, Moissanite has been known as the slightly tinted yellow stone but that has all changed recently. Forever One grade has been added, which is a colorless stone.

When and Where?

In 1893, French scientist, Dr. Henri Moissan, discovered silicon carbide (SiC), Moissanite, in a meteorite crater located in Arizona. Moissanite in its natural form is very rare. It is only been discovered in a small variety of places from upper mantle rock to meteorites.

Early advertisement talked about Moissanite falling from the stars because of the natural stones found only in meteorites.

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This stone is loved by many for a few key reasons: Brilliance, Fire, and Price. The most dominant feature of a stone is its “brilliance.” Every woman loves to see the sparkle of her stone and show that sparkle off to everyone that she encounters. Moissanite has 10% more brilliance than a diamond. Moissanite gemstone has a “Fire” or dispersion that is 2.4 times the fire of a diamond. Dispersion is where the light radiates through the gemstone on certain wavelengths with each wavelength producing a specific color. This is what gives Moissanite the beauty and scintillation that is loved by so many. Lastly and most importantly, Moissanite will not break you at the bank with the cost of a stone only a fraction of the cost of a diamond. No longer do you have to settle on fire, brilliance, and size to afford a stone in your price range.

Discovering Grades of Moissanite
Forever One is Charles & Colvard’s newest “colorless” addition to the Moissanite Family. It is so pure, so white, and so incredibly brilliant that it promises to change, forever, how fine jewelry is made and enjoyed. Forever One is available in limited quantities and cuts. This is an heirloom-quality gemstone that is fulfills every promise of purity and brilliance.

round moissaniteForever Brilliant is Charles & Colvard’s middle grade near-colorless gem, which allows consumers to acquire jewelry in an array of unique cuts and shapes.

Forever Classic is Charles & Colvard’s first breakthrough innovation which proved that pure, high quality gemstone crystals could be sustainably and reliably created. This grade provides affordable luxury. Its characteristic faint color makes it the perfect companion gem to a wide range of jewelry designs. Due to the high demand of Forever One, Charles & Colvard is discontinuing Forever Classic grade. Make sure to get what you can while supplies last.


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