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Shop These Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Just in Time for Holiday Season

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Discover how Charles & Colvard's moissanite can elevate these simple everyday accessories

Who doesn’t love adding a little dose of sparkle to their look? Classic accessories like stud earrings and pendant necklaces are a no-brainer for go-to holiday stocking stuffers. Suggest Charles & Colvard’s stunning stud earrings, chic stackable rings, and new moissanite necklaces as unique and stylish gift options. Your customers will gleam with glam, all thanks to the brilliance of these moissanite jewelry gifts.


Here are our favorite moissanite jewelry gifts to stock just in time for holiday season—

This Stud’s For You

The wear-everywhere earrings worth coveting • Shop moissanite studs here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Studs Earrings
From the top: 653366653371652484653493


Versatility is key. Our stud earrings featuring Charles & Colvard Forever One™ moissanite are literal grab-and-go accessories. They complement any style— from a cocktail dress to everyday athleisure looks. These classics will always be on-trend.

Prong-set solitaire studs offer traditional vibes, while bezel-set studs lend a modern touch. And if your gift giver wants to max out their shine, we suggest a halo design. Try diamond hoop earrings or J hoops for chic simplicity. In the end, you won’t go wrong with any of the earrings in this collection since they each add their own flair. And the best part? Forever One™ gemstones come in a range of shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect stone is quick and easy.

Necklaces to Remember

They shine for every occasion • Shop moissanite necklaces here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Necklace
From the top: 653495652503653373652504


These moissanite jewelry gifts are quite possibly the best singular statement your customer can make. Necklaces have the ability to tie an ensemble together— like a cherry on top. They add eye-catching elegance and act as a signature piece.

We have stunning solitaire necklaces in prong and bezel settings, two and three-stone necklaces with unique modern details, and trendy bar necklaces, all lit up with the brilliance of Forever One™ moissanite. And the best part about these necklaces is that they can be worn together. Layering necklaces is very fashion forward, and this entire collection pairs seamlessly. With these simple moissanite jewelry gifts, the possibilities are endless!

Stackable Rings for the Win

Little details with big impact • Shop moissanite stackable rings here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Stackable Rings
From L to R: 653399653400653399653363653358


Stackable rings have been gaining traction as trendy staples for quite a while now. Meaning, they are here to stay this holiday season. These delicate rings are so dynamic, yet also very personal.

Pile on three or more dainty rings to create a unique look, or layer them around a favorite statement ring, wedding band, or engagement ring for an eclectic approach. This collection also doubles as fabulous wedding bands themselves that won’t overpower a strong engagement ring. Accented with Forever One™ melee and gemstones, offer these moissanite jewelry gifts as affordable options for adding a bit more bling.

Combine the Brilliance

Studs, necklaces, and stackable rings together • Shop moissanite jewelry here

Moissanite Jewelry Gifts Necklace Studs Rings
From L to R: 65348865337865782653383653400653496


Individually, the moissanite jewelry gifts mentioned above have so much brilliance. And what’s more is that none of these pieces compete with each other. They are delicate enough that they can all be worn together to create one cohesive look. From classic studs to pendant necklaces and piled on stackable rings, Forever One™ moissanite enables every customer to show their own sparkle!

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How does moissanite sell in your area? Let us know in the comments below!


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