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How Matrix 9 Earns International Acclaim

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Mehmet Pekin of Istanbul, Turkey shares how Matrix fuels his career

Introducing Mehmet Pekin: an accomplished Matrix 9 user & instructor from Istanbul, Turkey


Mehmet Pekin Matrix 9 MotorcycleA talented Matrix user, Mehmet Pekin has been using the software for about 13 years. He has built his career around 3D modeling, both as a CAD operator and instructor, all while mastering the tools required. In the following interview, Mehmet shares a little about himself and how Matrix helps to fuel his jewelry-sculpting success.


Mehmet, before we begin talking about 3D modeling, tell us a bit about yourself. What interests do you have outside of using Matrix and other software to create jewelry?

I’m an avid BMX bike rider! I am not a flatland biker; I’m a street rider like you see on the X-Games. I also enjoy taking long highway trips on my Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. But most of all, I like experiencing nature, especially in “survival mode.”


Just a few of Mehmet’s most intricate CAD designs
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How did you get involved with 3D modeling, creating jewelry, and using Matrix?

I studied sculpting at The University of Fine Arts in Istanbul, Turkey. My first job was at a jewelry factory as a sketch artist and goldsmith. Eventually, the factory started to use 3D printers for casting. In turn, we needed a jewelry modeling software to operate these printers. At that time, we had two choices: JewelCAD or Matrix.

I was a JewelCAD user then in 2004, I learned about Matrix 4 and found the interface to be much more useful. I decided to improve my skills with Matrix. Later, with the necessity of organic jewelry designs, I started to combine Matrix with Zbrush. Initially, converting the native file types between the programs was quite difficult. The introduction of the Clayoo plugin solved the problem so now there’s no need for additional software.


How has Matrix 9 been useful to your career?

Since I started using Matrix, I’ve improved my modeling ability so much that I am now earning a living teaching and modeling with Matrix. The software made me famous in my own country and around the world after I posted videos and renders on social media. Thanks to Matrix, I have countless customers around the world!

Here’s a look into Mehmet’s classroom where he teaches Matrix 9
Mehmet Pekin Matrix 9 Classroom

What software do you use in your model making workflow other than Matrix 9? Any special hardware that you incorporate – like tablets, for example?

First, I model the jewelry in Matrix and Zbrush. Then, I use Magics (Materialise) to make the model ready for rapid-prototype. I send the data to a ProJet, Envisiontech 3D Printer, or CNC machinery, depending on the customer’s requirements. I also use a Wacom Cintique 22HD fully in Zbrush and now I can use Wacom with Clayoo Sculpt as well.


Where do you get your inspiration for your designs? How long do they take and how is Matrix 9 helpful?

My customers send me design ideas, typically beginning as a sketch. I include texture and patterns to complete the pieces. Some take countless hours to model. I use Matrix 9 and Clayoo. Thanks to the amazing features on this new Matrix version, I am able to perfect my masterpieces.


Thanks very much for sharing your career and CAD modeling methods!

It’s a pleasure for me to share my experiences. I am always ready to help with the direction and functionality of Matrix!


Find more information about Matrix or other customization software from Gemvision and Stuller here. To upgrade an existing version of Matrix to version 9, follow this link.

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