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Maximize Your E-Commerce Tool Belt With Stuller

Proven to be one of the most effective strategies in business today, there has never been a better time to begin your e-commerce journey.

More than ever, consumers are looking for personalized, convenient shopping experiences — the effects of pandemic shopping trends are still establishing a firm ground in the industry with statistics showing no signs of stopping.

With endless options at our fingertips, e-commerce continues to be a valuable asset for fast, reliable service, and there’s no better time than the present to assess how it can bring a fresh aspect to your business and customer base.

As easy as it may sound, we do understand that growing a strong online presence might seem tricky — finding what’s best for your business can be tedious, and without the right help, intimidating. That’s why our team of experts strives to give you the resources you need to feel confident in business investment, especially in the digital marketplace.

Read on as we break down Stuller’s curated offering of e-commerce solutions tailored to meet your skill level and business needs built to simplify the process.

Getting Started With Stuller Showcase®

Finding the right starting point might seem difficult to navigate with time, money, and resources at the forefront, but introducing your online presence with confidence is key to a strong, first step.

If you are brand new to your e-commerce journey, we recommend Stuller Showcase as your best starting point. Completely free, Showcase provides businesses with an in-store, digital solution that focuses on the basics without requiring web maintenance.

Start by creating a custom URL for easy marketing opportunities while our digital catalog of over 200,000 products builds a foundation for you to explore at your own pace. Simple but powerful, this website solution gives you the key features and growing inventory of with the added benefit of customized branding.

With the freedom to personalize markups, your new website serves as an in-store sales tool to create an efficient shopping experience for customers — convenient browsing, quick quoting, and efficient brand portrayal, all in one place and on your shareable URL. Add your name, logo, and browse ready-made templates to make your Showcase website unique to you, and boost profit margins with suggested markups or create your own.

Being authentic to your business goals does not have to be compromised when beginning your e-commerce journey. With Stuller Showcase, we make getting started an easy, reliable, and user-friendly experience for any business looking to explore the benefits of e-commerce solutions.

To learn more about getting started with Stuller Showcase, view our webpage for a quick setup guide. For step-by-step assistance, reach out to our Stuller Showcase support team by calling 1-800-877-7777, extension 428, or connect through our Live Chat feature on

e-commerce business solutions

Next Steps with Stuller Showcase Integration

Have a website, but want to maximize your experience with Stuller Showcase functionality?

Take Showcase a bit further by integrating the same features within your existing website and continue using the convenience of our digital catalog with personalized markup capability — all while keeping traffic on your domain.

Showcase integration is often referred to as “<iFrame>” in our resources, and uses embedding knowledge that can link categories or specific products into your digital interface. The benefit? No compromise on SEO ranking, brand stability, and customer base, with the same products and services as Showcase. Find a demo here to experience Showcase integration.

Advanced Solutions: Self-Service Data Feeds

Looking for new ways to bring select product accessibility to your personal interface? With Stuller’s E-commerce Self-Service feature, have the tools needed to use provided, informative product data and imagery necessary for listing Stuller products on your existing website.

Offered through downloadable data feeds and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), this solution exists to help those that are striving for a streamlined process of boosting revenue with their digital audience and expanding their customer base. With automatic updates from our data feed offering, you can choose curated groupings that save time and build the selection that best suits your needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to offer you the right tools to succeed in creating and maintaining a website or an in-store digital sales tool that works best for you. We recommend that for advanced solutions, such as our self-service data feeds or API integration, an outside resource or expert in website development and coding might be best.

Why Use Data Feeds?

Data feeds take inspiration from categories seen on, providing a familiar starting point to anyone just getting started with more advanced integration. Easily select feeds that best meet your needs – conveniently ready to export into CSV format for accessibility.

Our product data feeds allow for extensive product availability, containing up to 13,000 unique, ready-to-wear styles carefully selected by our merchandising experts. Filters ensure fine-tuned selections and allow you to add a pricing tool to help with quick and easy quoting.

To keep our features as accurate as possible, data feeds are updated once a day to provide new products, keep pricing correct, and track current availability. Interested? Speak with our team directly by using our E-Commerce Self-Service Sign Up Form.

e-commerce business solutions

API: The Full Experience

For full automation in your e-commerce experience, APIs can help in building processes within your website that reference data also used on Submitting orders, creating one-of-a-kind pieces with convenience, and tracking shipments are just a few of the key features that APIs can offer in near-complete integration — explore varieties here.

As the most advanced solution in our e-commerce offerings, we want to make sure that you are completely comfortable on this path. Maintaining and working with these features can be extensive but worthwhile, depending on your business goals and values.

Finding What Works for You

Remember — don’t forget to have fun! Comfortability and confidence are key factors we want you to keep in mind, whether you are just starting in e-commerce, or looking for advancement. Mapping and exploring your overall experience are dependent on your needs and how you would like to build and maintain trusted, successful relationships with customers.

As always, questions regarding processes or e-commerce focus points can always be discussed with our team — we will always be here to help!

e-commerce business solutions

Dare To Explore Digital Business

In a time where quick and accessible service is consistently improving, it is clear to see that e-commerce solutions are a great way to elevate your customer experience.

To dive deeper into Stuller’s e-commerce offerings, we always encourage you to browse our detailed, educational listing of solutions, organized by skill level. Still unsure on questions or concerns regarding the best process? Our E-Commerce team is always happy to help guide you in the right direction with your proposed business plan. To reach out to our team, we recommend calling 1-800-877-7777 and asking to speak with an e-commerce expert. As always, Stuller is with you, every step of the way.


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