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See What’s New with Stuller’s MatrixGold Essentials Software

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Learn how this powerful new software can enhance your workflow

Welcome to MatrixGold Essentials

Gemvision®, a Stuller company, launched MatrixGold Essentials™ earlier this year— a powerful software combination built for custom design. “With the speed of technology improvements in today’s world, we know we have to continue to stay at the forefront of software development,” says Bryan Morgan, Stuller’s Chief Operating Officer. “This new software will provide our customers with the most powerful tool they can use for customization and design creation.”

History in the Making

Did you know Gemvision has spent over twenty years developing Matrix and RhinoGold? This legacy of knowledge and expertise has culminated into a brand new application that merges functionality with high capability. MatrixGold Essentials blends the advanced abilities of Matrix and RhinoGold with CounterSketch’s user-friendly interface.

In short, this new software will simplify your work, resulting in greater productivity. That’s because MatrixGold Essentials runs on a Rhinoceros 6 CAD engine, allowing users more power while providing speed for greater responsiveness, presentation, display, and more. Plus, we estimate the learning curve will be slashed in half thanks to the new software’s ease of use.



See What’s New

Here are just a few new features that make MatrixGold Essentials so easy to use—

Parametric History Workflow

Arguably the most important piece of this new software, MatrixGold’s parametric tools keep track of every move you make within the software. Now, you can simply backtrack to any prior step in your design process, modify it, and watch as the software reconfigures the design. With each step recorded, you can quickly alter and adjust your creations without losing progress. This will be a major timesaver.

New Search Functionality

An enhanced ribbon toolbar promises greater usability. Looking for a specific tool but can’t remember just where the icon is? Use the robust search function in the top right corner of your screen to display a list of filter results. Also, by clicking the context menu button or pressing the F6 key, you’ll see a selection of actions based on the geometry you’ve selected.

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With MatrixGold Essentials, you’ll spend more time doing what you do best— creating something special! Let us know your feedback on this new software in the comments below!



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Gemvision Product Management Director

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