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Making the Most of Your Custom Jewelry Business

Explore limitless options with Stuller's full spectrum of custom jewelry manufacturing solutions.

In today’s jewelry industry, consumers are seeking unique pieces and personalized experiences more than ever before. This demand has made customization one of the biggest growth opportunities. Embracing customization isn’t just a trend — it’s essential for staying competitive and meeting diverse customer needs. 

At Stuller, we recognize the importance of customization and offer tailored solutions to help businesses like yours confidently bring any customer’s vision to life. Whether it’s through a wide range of customizable options, innovative design tools, or expert support, we provide everything you need to navigate customization with ease.  

With Stuller as your custom jewelry manufacturing partner, you can stand out in today’s market by delivering personalized jewelry experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers. Let’s dive into the ways that Stuller can help take your custom jewelry business to the next level.  

Why Custom?

In a market flooded with options, customization is the key to setting your business apart. By offering personalized experiences and products, you not only meet consumer demands but also create a unique brand identity that resonates with new and existing customers. 

With consumers being increasingly diverse in their tastes and preferences, offering various forms of customization services allows you to cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. While mastering and integrating customization into your business may come with challenges, you can rely on trusted tools and support from Stuller to navigate any stage of your custom journey. 

Customization With Stuller Is…

Easy. Dependable. Personal. High Quality.

When it comes to custom jewelry design and manufacturing, Stuller sets the standard for excellence. From user-friendly design software to personalized guidance throughout any customization process, we offer solutions that are accessible to you and your customers at any stage.  

What is the Stuller Custom Suite?

Designed to give every jeweler and jewelry business exactly what they need to succeed in the world of jewelry customization, the Stuller Custom Suite combines various customization solutions for comprehensive support. Here is an overview of Stuller Custom Suite’s four pillars  Here is an overview of Stuller Custom Suite’s four pillars.

Selling Solutions

With 85% of jewelry sales occurring in-store, selling solutions help drive sales in a competitive market.

By streamlining inventory and boosting product visibility, selling solutions are a great way to integrate tangible products and resources that can give your customers more control on the sales floor. From timeless classics to the latest trends in fine jewelry, Stuller provides comprehensive support for success in today’s competitive market with an extensive range of solutions catering to any business.

By 2025, online sales are expected to account for 18% of jewelry purchases.

Incorporating an online element into your custom business is crucial for offering convenience, speed, and real-time adjustments when working with your customers — keep it easy with the help of With a vast selection of mountings, loose stones, flexible choices, real-time inventory updates, and more, serves as your online solution to create one-of-a-kind pieces effortlessly. 


83% of today’s consumers are choosing a custom jewelry design over existing styles.

From limitless exploration of designs and elements to complete creative freedom, industry-leading jewelry design software from Gemvision offers a competitive edge that sets your business apart. With intuitive 3D design platforms and adaptable CAD features, our software options empower you at any stage in your custom journey to effortlessly transform nearly any customer concept into reality.   


1 in 5 consumers are willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product.

Does your custom business require additional support or assistance with production? From design submission to modifying existing styles and fulfilling your custom jewelry manufacturing needs, our CAD/CAM team is ready to bridge any gaps in your process, giving you the confidence to make the sale at any stage. Our expert team can also handle the casting of your latest wax or resin model quick and convenient production that is hassle-free. 

More From Stuller Custom Suite

For more information on each pillar and service offered by Stuller, check out our newest Stuller Custom Suite brochure. 

Your All-in-One Custom Resource

With Stuller as your partner, the possibilities for custom jewelry design and manufacturing are endless. Our tailored solutions empower you to offer customers perfect pieces crafted with care and precision. By leveraging our Stuller Custom Suite, you can confidently elevate your business with personalized offerings and unforgettable experiences.

With our support and expertise, you can explore the world of custom jewelry and leave a lasting impression with unique, one-of-a-kind stylesall while building customer loyalty that keeps your custom business top of mind.  


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