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Complementary gems for your two-stones

You’re hearing it on the runaway, you’re hearing it in celebrity events, and now you’re hearing it in our industry. It’s become the favorite new trend – the two-stone.  And just like Alex Clement mentioned yesterday, you’re seeing double everywhere, even in the wedding scene.

But with the fast-moving trend, it’s easy to be worried. Can my customer even afford two stones in one ring? I took that that question to Diamond and Gemstone Product Manager, Lauren Garvey who says, “The great thing about the styles we’ve developed here at Stuller is that they are all flexible designs that allow you to adjust the stone size, stone type, and stone quality.”

ring1For example, take a look at this Iris flower-inspired look our Gemstone expert, Mandy LeBlanc, put together for us.

Mandy says, “The richness of the purple amethyst contrasts beautifully with the sunny citrine, while the yellow gold adds regality to this motif.” Mandy explains, “These stones are also at a great price point. Who says elegance has to break the bank.”


ring2Whether you’re in the mood for a floral motif or a juicy watermelon, these two colors fit the bill.

Mandy set the pink tourmaline and peridot stones in white gold to make bold colors pop. Mandy adds, “This is a unique style and color combination that will definitely start a color pairing conversation in any store.”

Now, if you want something a little softer, try pairing Swarovski Gemstones™ Baby Pink
Topaz and Smoky Quartz in a rose gold setting that, Mandy says, will help warm up the soft pair.

“These two stones together give off a glowing feminine softness, and draw in the romantics,” says Mandy.

ring4Want a bolder look? Try blue sapphire and ruby, two stones that are the epitome of royalty and fame.

“Rubies and sapphires are timeless classics that will never go out of style and are perfect for an heirloom. Setting these stones in a subtlety of white gold only helps to offset the boldness of these stones,” Mandy adds.

And if you’re not too sure of the look you are going for with your pairing, try adding a personal touch, like a birthstone.

twostoneMandy picked aquamarine for this setting because it is her birthstone; she paired it with a
yellow sapphire, set in 14kt gold to give the ring a bright and sunny contrast. Mandy says, “Golden yellow sapphire and soft aquamarine will brighten up your day…and wardrobe.”

The great thing about all our two-stone rings, they are all 3C, allowing you to choose, change, and create every look your customer is looking for.

Shop our 3C two-stone ring styles and check out our Pinterest page for more designs.

Are you seeing two-stone rings selling in your store? Let us know what your customers are asking for in the comments section.


Nichole Guillory

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