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The Journey of a Ring: Explore Stuller’s Fulfillment Area

Journey of a Ring Stuller's Fulfillment Blog

Part 4: All about inventory

Follow the step-by-step journey of a ring:

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Part 4: The Journey of a Ring: Explore Stuller’s Fulfillment Area

Part 5: The Journey of a Ring: Just-In-Time Jewelry Distribution

Journey of a Ring Jewelry Stuller's Fulfillment Department

100,000 Pieces

That’s about how many items we keep in stock on any given day at Stuller. And in order to stick to our just-in-time promise, Stuller’s fulfillment process beings at 11:30 in the morning. Now, you might be wondering how we’re able to fill all of your orders before the FedEx and UPS trucks leave at night. Well, it’s actually quite simple.

In Stuller’s fulfillment area for jewelry and findings, we have just under 40 carousels. These are similar to the ones you see when you go to your local pharmacy, except they’re filled with thousands and thousands of jewelry and/or findings items. Stuller’s fulfillment associates receive orders through one of our many ERP systems. Associates pinpoint where the desired item lives in our inventory. Then, the massive inventory carousel spins to its assigned location and the item, along with the quantity needed, is picked out. Next, the product is bagged, labeled, and placed onto the conveyor belt where it’s double-checked for accuracy. “On an average day, we could fill up to 16,000 items,” says Dustin Trahan, Executive Director of Logistics Operations.

Journey of a Ring Jewelry Stuller's Fulfillment Department

More Inventory

The same process happens in Stuller’s fulfillment area dedicated to tools. Here, however, the carousels are much larger. They remind me what you would see at a dry cleaning business, except there aren’t any clothes, just big bins filled with tools. Here we house about 15,000 unique items. The same process happens here, except on a much larger scale.

Journey of a Ring Jewelry Stuller's Fulfillment Department

In the end, all 100,000 items from Stuller’s fulfillment area — from jewelry to tools — end up in the same place. Read more about Stuller’s Distribution Department and the final stop in the journey of a ring here.


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