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Trigger More Jewelry Sales by Evoking the Senses This Holiday Season

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Six ways to draw customers in by appealing to their five senses

Holiday shopping is a sensory experience. Customers trust their senses to guide them to a sale. Holidays are also emotional, and the senses are the most direct doorways to those emotions. People buy jewelry, of course, for emotional reasons. To take advantage of these emotions and the underlying emotional appeal of fine jewelry, you should think in terms of targeting the senses first. Our visual merchandising team suggests a few simple tips to evoke the senses and make the sale.


Follow these six steps to trigger more jewelry sales by evoking the senses this holiday season


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1. Add Colored Accents

Add new holiday accent colors to echo the season and signal that you’re in tune with your customers’ needs. Try skipping the traditional red, opting instead for gold, cream, or a wintery blue, like we did above. By using not-so-holiday colors, you can reuse these looks well into the new year.

2. Group the Goods

Develop appropriate signage to highlight the holiday and spotlight any seasonal sales. Name groupings of jewelry with an overall theme — Diamond Gifts, Personalized Gifts, etc. Remember, groupings of three and five are visually pleasing to onlookers. Try grouping stocking stuffers by price-point, too.

3. Light the Way

Catch your customers’ eyes with intentional lighting choices. Use lighting strategically to best highlight your most special pieces. Also, strands of holiday lights in your cases will give extra sparkle and a warm, holiday touch.

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4. Play that Jewelry Store Music

Appeal directly to your customer’s soul by playing beautiful and evocative holiday music. Learn how to create the perfect jewelry store music playlist here. Also, be sure the volume level is kept conversation friendly.

5. Add the Finishing Touch

Seasonal gift wrapping enables you to further personalize your customer’s experience. You may just garner more jewelry sales by evoking the senses with complimentary gift wrapping. Celebrate the winter season with snow-inspired glitter wrapping paper and ribbon that matches your case displays.

6. Follow Your Nose

No sense is more potentially powerful and nostalgic than the sense of smell. Consider burning a holiday candle or otherwise adding the scent of fresh-baked cookies or pine.

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Let’s settle this: what is your favorite holiday scent? Is it evergreen? Cinnamon patchouli? Let us know in the comments below.


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