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JCK Las Vegas Wrap Up 2017

These products had jewelers placing the big bets

Every year thousands of retail jewelers flock to Las Vegas to shop the latest and greatest products and services from hundreds of vendors from all over the world. And much to our team’s delight, despite the fact the show moved from the weekend to the regular workweek, traffic seemed a bit heavier than in previous years.

Here are some of the hot topics buzzing around the Stuller booth:

Fine Jewelry and Bridal

  1. Our new “boutique” merchandising set up was a huge hit. We used a variety of our own displays and props and kept the jewelry out of the case for the first time. Customers enjoyed the interactive and inviting feel.
  2. On-trend styles with attractive price points put us all in the holiday spirit. And that’s exactly the goal of our new 302 Collections with an average price-point of $250.
  3. The selling solution superstar was the new stackable anniversary and eternity band kit. Customers liked the idea of giving their shoppers stacked inspiration. See it here.
  4. This year was all about interaction and our bridal area was no exception. Launching the new “4 ways to buy” our ever&ever® turnkey bridal program, the open trays and displays of new styles in that area provided a hands-on experience that our customers enjoyed.

Tool Time

  1. The benefits and opportunities of 3D printing were top discussions surrounding our new line of printers – Asiga®. Check out our video interview with Asiga expert Austin Green at the show.
  2. Personalization is always top of mind for jewelers. So, it was no surprise that our engravers drew lots of attention. And you guys were a huge help as well! We were showcasing a new model not available yet and asked for your opinion on At the bench; jckwhether or not to carry it. We’ll see what the tally results are in a couple of weeks.
  3. We have a couple of benches set up in our booth chock full of the newest tools for jewelers to try before they purchase. This is always a pretty hot area during the show. See the latest tools here.

“Jewelers are always looking for the latest and greatest bench tools to make their jobs more enjoyable.” – Tammy Kidder, VP tools and supplies

Diamond and Gemstone Brilliance

  1. Lab-grown diamonds remained a popular topic over the course of the show. Several organizations gave presentations on identifying, testing, disclosing, etc. synthetic stones. See our own G.G. Harold Dupuy, talk about lab-grown diamonds during one of Stuller’s live demos. For more video on diamond screening, see here.
  2. Responsible sourcing of not only diamonds, but also gemstones was on jewelers’ minds. The Responsible Jewelry Council gave a presentation on this topic during the show. See Stuller’s own gemstone journey here.
    gemstones; jck
  3. Color is making a comeback. According to our gemstone experts, jewelers asked more questions about colored stone options than they’ve seen in a long time. “They were excited to see what we had on display, which included some whoppers like a 10ct yellow sapphire and 8ct aquamarine. And they [jewelers] talked about how beautiful the stones would look in a custom design they had in mind. It was very positive overall,” says Gemstone Product Manager Ashley Corley. See Ashley talk about Black Box Gemstones® at the Stuller booth here.

Vegas wasn’t all work, however. We had a great time talking to Lauren Stuller about what the show means to her. Introduced first timers and discussed progress with vets. And not to mention the live demos and other great items launched at the show. See EVERYTHING you missed from Vegas here.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all that stopped by our booth. We love getting to visit with our customers. And in closing, we’d like to let you hear Matt Stuller’s thoughts on this year’s show. Until next year!


Randi Bourg

Former Staff Writer