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Shhh… JCK Sneak Peak

Chic styles you'll see in Vegas

JCK Las Vegas is about a week away, and we can’t wait to see all of our customers! It’s the best part about being in Vegas. As you may remember, in the previous years, Stuller’s products and services were separated into three different booths – jewelry (in the Plumb Club), tools (in ET&S) and customization (also in ET&S). But times are a’changing! The show itself is changing – the layout has been completely revised. So, Stuller is following suite. This year, you’ll find EVERYTHING we have to offer to make your business better in ONE, that’s right, ONE booth. You’ll be able to browse our products, demo our tools, and learn about our many customization solutions in a single area. Shopping for JCK… check!

And to celebrate, we’re hosting a champagne toast on Friday, June 3rd at 4:30p.m. at our new booth (B60046). Stop by and clink glasses with Matt Stuller and the gang!

Before we get to Las Vegas, we wanted to share just a glimpse into what we’ll be bringing to the show. Trust us, there’s much more to come. So come see us at JCK, booth number B60046!

In Bridal

Vintage, vintage, vintage! Old is new and this trend shows no signs of stopping. History always repeats itself right? Stacking multiple wedding bands next to the engagement ring is also pretty popular, and we have plenty of those. Most are available in all metal colors – white, yellow, and rose – with so many styles to choose from, oh my!

14kt White 6.5mm Round Engagement Ring Mounting


14kt White 6.5mm Round Engagement Ring Mounting


In Jewelry

Curated collections ranging from bar and bead trends to nature and freeform styles are what’s taking over the jewelry section. And don’t forget about geometric shaped jewelry and symbols too.

14kt Rose Beaded Criss-Cross Ring

14kt Yellow Branch Bar 16" Necklace

14kt White 1/8 CTW Diamond Geometric Ring

14kt Yellow Infinity Earrings

In Tools

You’ll have the chance to view the Acrobat® Versa and Leica A60 Microscope, and talk to our tools experts to see which is right for you. The Foredom Dust Collector is perfect for collecting dust from polishing, grinding, and other bench tasks. Stop by, and ask our technicians how these tools can help make life easier.

Acrobat® Versa & Leica A60 Complete Package


Gotta go, time is ticking, and we have to finish shipping all of these items and more off to Vegas. We’ll see you next week at booths B60046 & B620.

Are you attending JCK? Tell us what products you’ll like to see, in the comments section below.


Lauren Garvey

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