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It Takes Two to Tango

Taylor Burgess talks about the new bridal trend

Staying ahead of a trend can be lucrative for your business. It can also be risky. Some trends don’t quite pan out while others can run your business. Jewelers at all levels of the industry grapple with this issue.
14kt Rose 6x3mm Straight Baguette Ring MountingRecently, a new trend has emerged that looks to be leading the charge to the holidays.  From the Emmys, to celebrity designers, to industry publications, everyone is talking about the new two-stone ring trend.  To help frame this, I recently caught up with our resident bridal trend expert, Taylor Burgess.

Walking in to her office was like stepping on the set of Project Runway. Images, sketches, and doodles of the latest Stuller designs covered her desk. A small glittering pile of freshly made two-stone rings lay on top of the paperwork, spilling from a tiny plastic bag.

She invited me to check out the new product a little closer. After gawking over the newly made rings, noting their impressive bling and the flowing lines of their design, we got down to the matter at hand.

I noted that two-stone rings on her desk were exactly what I was curious about. While it’s undeniable that two-stone designs are trending, I wondered if she could elaborate on how the trend is emerging and where it comes from?

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Alex: We know that two-stone is trending, and I’ve been following the story. Can you help me understand what’s going on here?

Taylor: Absolutely, we’ve been eyeing this trend for a while now. If you remember back at 14kt Yellow Trillion Ring Mounting
JCK we featured all of the new two-stone jewelry. That Swiss Blue Trillion Cut two-stone styles with diamond halos was a particularly big hit.

Alex: Oh yeah – I remember that was a hit. So I’ve seen lots of celebrities and industry experts posting and tweeting about two-stone bridal styles. What can you say about where this came from?

Taylor: The two-stone trend has deep roots in bypass rings. It’s basically an iteration of that style. And we’ve developed and will soon be launching a bunch of styles in this fashion family. Customers should look out for two-ring styles featuring halo, split shanks, and intricate designs.

Alex: What do you think is drawing consumers to the two-stone styles?

Taylor: Storytelling is such a big driver in jewelry. Customers love the symbolism of a two stone. Whether it’s love and friendship, affection and devotion, tenderness and trust, or the past and future of a relationship. Customers find the dual symbolism easy to relate to.

Want more double fun? Go here to see all our two-stone styles.


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