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Introducing CounterSketch Trial: Try Before You Buy

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Take this powerful software for a test run to understand all it has to offer

Making a new software purchase is a big deal. As with any investment, there are lots of factors to consider before taking the plunge. Wouldn’t it be nice to test the world’s greatest custom design software before buying it? We agree; that’s why we’re offering a CounterSketch Trial version so you can try before you buy. Go ahead, kick the tires. Take it for a test run. You’ll be glad you did.


Here are a few details on our new CounterSketch Trial version.


Introducing CounterSketch Trial

Your CounterSketch Trial is set to last for 15 days. This tryout version of CounterSketch Studio has a limited library with 25 styles in the design library and 21 freehand parts. However, the software includes all the freehand functionality of CounterSketch Studio. You’ll be free to poke around the software and test its capabilities.

How Does the Trial Version Compare?

The CounterSketch Trial version has only 25 ring designs, while the full version of CounterSketch Studio has over 1,300 models in the library and over 1,200 freehand parts. However, all other functionality is included. You can even set your markups when you open CounterSketch Trial the first time.

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Can I Place Orders During My CounterSketch Trial Period?

Yes, you can even place orders using the live trial of CounterSketch. To place an order, simply click on the Order tab at the top right of the screen, then complete the order details fully.

After selecting the place final order button, the order will be placed, and you will receive the item in 7-10 business days. You can check the status of your orders at

If you place an order by accident, call CAD/CAM services team at 1-800-877-7777 ext. 3804 as soon as possible. The customer care team in CAD/CAM services can locate your order and stop the manufacturing process.

Here’s a Brief CounterSketch Trial Demo

CounterSketch Studio Features & Benefits

CounterSketch Trial is just another way to determine if CounterSketch is right for you and your store. And the best part is there are no strings attached! As you browse through the software during your trial period, think of how you will use the customization software in your store. Consider what types of custom requests you typically receive from your customers. Here are six huge advantages that come along with the full version of CounterSketch Studio:

Extensive Bridal Library

There are more than 300 stylish engagement rings and bands, including those available for the ever&ever® bridal prototypes. New styles are added each month!

Jewelry Library

The CounterSketch jewelry library has over 800 jewelry styles, including additional engagement rings, fashion rings, pendants, and more. New styles are added each month!

CounterSketch & Rendering Tools

Powerful, interactive customization tools let you personalize center stone size, shape, and metal qualities. Then, add accent stones, prongs, shanks, and more.

Stuller Diamonds™

With CounterSketch Studio, you can choose actual diamonds from Stuller’s inventory to design around or add to a design. These diamonds also come with benefits including laser inscription and trade-up ability.

Freehand Library

More than 1,000 heads, shanks, and freehand components provide endless creative design combinations.

Freehand Customization Tools

Additional tools allow you to adjust and search the freehand library for parts, while controlling the details needed to create the exact design you want.

Sign up for your CounterSketch Trial here.



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