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Introducing AXIS™ Wedding Bands

Learn all about Stuller's select line of machined wedding bands.

We are reaching the halfway point in Stuller’s Year of the Wedding™, but we are just getting started. Stuller is happy to launch a new select line of premium, machined wedding bands: AXIS™. Created with style and strength, AXIS wedding bands are perfect for men who embrace confidence and commitment. We are happy to bring this new product line to the market as more and more consumers are looking for options in high-quality wedding bands. 

“While all Stuller wedding bands are created with quality in mind, AXIS is special not only because of the machine creation, but also because of the striking designs and textures that stand out as works of art,” says Stuller wedding bands product manager Nicole McWhorter. 

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Built to Last 

There are two traits that set AXIS wedding bands apart from other rings: durability and precision. These machined bands are cold drawn, which creates a tighter grain structure than their cast counterparts. The cold drawing process eliminates internal defects like porosity and fortifies the structure of the ring, making rings that are best suited for day-to-day wear. 

Once the ring blank is made, it is machined to the exact shape, size, and design needed. This allows each ring to be made to order with complete consistency every time, providing you with the quality you can depend on. 

AXIS wedding bands

Manufactured for Style

McWhorter believes AXIS also provides jewelers with the opportunity to incorporate education into the selling process. “AXIS is a valuable tool for jewelers to educate the consumers about the process of machine bands and how this process provides them with the purchase of a lifetime,” she says. 

Let’s take a deeper look into the manufacturing process to better understand how these bands achieve this level of quality, beginning with the cold drawing process. The pipes used in these bands are continuously cast and passed through a series of dies that have not been preheated. From there, the pipes are drawn down onto rods that maintain a near finger size. Finally, the ring blanks are machined down to your exact size, shape, and design needs.

AXIS wedding bands

All AXIS bands are manufactured in our Lafayette, Louisiana facility, which means you can expect your order in-hand quickly. Made with SCS-certified 100% recycled metals, you have a wide range of options when it comes to metal quality and color. Enjoy quality with the convenience of choice. 

An Heirloom Worth Cherishing 

These superior quality wedding bands take everything you love about a classic band and add a touch of modern elegance. Confident and bold men will proudly wear this statement ring with pride as a symbol of his commitment for years to come. 

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Taylor Dizor

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