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6 Ways To Incorporate A Jewelry Care Line Into Your Business

Last week, we discussed why it is a good idea to carry a line of jewelry care products. Read the article here. This week, I’ll discuss the logical follow-up question: How can I incorporate a jewelry care line into my business?

Here are six insider tips to consider:

1. Build Your Relationships


Jewelry Care Line Icon EducationJewelry cleaner and polishing cloths are a perfect and easy way to cement your relationship with your customer. When selling a piece of jewelry, it’s an excellent opportunity to offer care and cleaning education. Help your customers understand how to care for their new purchase on a routine basis, and offer to sell them the appropriate cleaner and polishing cloth.


2. Strategically Place Your Jewelry Care Line

Jewelry Care Line Icon Display Klean Karats

Consider stocking your full jewelry care line near your cash wrap. It’s a good reminder for customers who may be in need of replacement products and for your staff to generate an add-on sale at the time of purchase. And if you sell online, be sure to offer your jewelry care line in that marketplace as well. Some jewelers even design their website to prompt an offer of jewelry cleaner and polishing cloths when customers place a purchase in their cart.


3. Give Them Away, Too!

Jewelry Care Line Icon Gift Klean Karats

While selling your jewelry care products and generating add-on sales are important and helpful to your bottom line, there are times when giving away the product supports your business in useful ways. You might offer a gift with purchase for large customers or large purchases, giveaways during special events at the store, or a gift to help massage a difficult customer service issue.


4. Cement Your Expertise

Jewelry Care Line Expertise Klean Karats

If you offer a warranty program, providing jewelry cleaning products at initiation is a nice perk for the customer and allows you to offer messaging about care, cleaning, and regular inspections. When you offer care and cleaning products as part of the initial program start-up, you provide your customer with even more value while cementing your expertise.


5. Engage With The Community

Jewelry Care Line Gift Community Klean Karats


Jewelry care products also offer a great way to engage with the community. You can offer jewelry care products for gift bags at local events – people always love to receive a nice gift or a free jewelry cleaning, which reinforces your brand in a positive way.



6. Share Your Knowledge

Jewelry Care Line Icon Computer

Another way to incorporate your jewelry care line into your business model is to share jewelry care tips on your website or via social media, which helps you educate your customers on how best to care for their beautiful jewelry and can encourage them to purchase care products from your store or website.



Do you have any tips or tricks for incorporating a jewelry care line in your store? Share with us in the comments below.


Emily Graffagnino

Executive Director of Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

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