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Try our Top 3 Holiday Jewelry Packaging Tips Today

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Get ready for your busy season with ample wrapping paper, ring boxes, gift bags, and more

What would the holidays be without fabulous packaging? It’s hard to imagine because it’s the thrill of opening a gift that captures the real delight of this gift-giving season. You want to be sure you’ve got all your packaging angles covered because as you prepare for the holidays, details can get overlooked.

Here are a few holiday jewelry packaging tips to help you get ready for the season ahead.


1. Stock Up and Order Custom Imprinting Now

Have you stocked up on tissue, gift wrap, totes, and boxes with your custom imprinting? If not, do it now, so you have them in time for the holidays. Why the urgency? Our busy season starts in September, and we want you to receive your packaging when you need it.

To save you time, we’ve made ordering on fast and easy. Go to, select the type of holiday jewelry packaging you want, and follow the instructions on the product page. We offer hot stamping in 13 colors and digital imprinting in any Pantone® color. Each packaging element indicates your imprinting options, and many times both are available.

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2. Add-Ons and Small Gifts

Shown below are several new items that will make excellent additions during the holidays. Our beautiful new Leatherette Jewelry Clutch (61-4542) and Leatherette Jewelry Travel Case (61-4543) come in four colors, including the champagne and blush shown here. Suggest them as elegant small gifts and stocking stuffers.

Our new Klean Karats® jewelry cleaner formula has arrived in the nick of time, and we think you’ll love it. The luxurious formula works on all metals and stones. It will make an easy add-on sale and can serve as a gift with large purchases. You can order it in a jar, foam, and ultra-handy cleaner pen. We also have private label options with your store name. Call to order — the sooner, the better — 800-877-7777, ext. 6144.

Holiday Jewelry Packaging From the Bench Klean Karats

3. Get Noticed This Holiday Season

From boxes and pouches to totes, tissue, and gift wrap, we offer a world of tantalizing colors and textures. And remember, the smallest detail makes a difference whether it’s wrapping that ring box or tucking that last piece of tissue into the tote. You have many gift wrap choices, including the gorgeous Silver Stardust (61-0966), Gold Mosaic (61-0505), as well as other holiday wraps. For tissue, consider the beautiful Vintage Lace (61-0644), Gold Stripe (61-0641), Plaid (61-0796), and Silver Snowflake tissue (61-0798). Youll impress your customer, the lucky recipient, and others who see the package along the way. For some, it will be their first exposure to your brand. Make a lasting impression, so when they want to purchase jewelry, your store or studio comes to mind.

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Shop our full range of holiday jewelry packaging options at



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