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Trend Alert: Hearts to Hold

Grasp these fashionable twists on an original style

Hold on to the Heart Trend

It’s crunch time! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if there’s one thing you’ve learned from years past, it’s that you’ll get your share of last minute customers. You better be ready. They’ll need your help to pick out a perfect last minute gift. Here are tips.

JCK News predicts the heart trend will resurface as a leading style in 2017, so heart-shaped designs are hot for Valentine’s Day and beyond. If you have engraving equipment, personalization adds a thoughtful touch and makes their present unique.

What was once a youthful fad has become stylish and sophisticated via 2017’s emerging heart trend. Even more, many of the heart-inspired pieces below combine other trends like symbolism, negative space, pavé settings and precious pearls. Here are our favorite picks for innovative heart-shaped jewelry that is sure to impress all the ladies in your customer’s life.

For Wives

 Think outside the box with this heartbeat necklace

14K Rose 1/2 Carat Diamond Heart Necklace

Sterling Silver Filigree Gold Plated Lever Back Earrings

14K Yellow Heartbeat Necklace
Pave with Diamonds Add the negatives


 For Mothers

Find more options for family jewelry here

14K Yellow 3/8 Carat Diamond Anniversary Band

14K White Cultured Pearl Leaf & Heart Earrings

14K Rose Three-Stone Family Heart Pendant Mounting
Add the negatives Timeless pearls


For Daughters

Available in youth and adult sizes

14K White Cultured Pearl Heart Necklace

14K Yellow .06 Carat Diamond Heart Earrings

Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet

14K Yellow Heart Youth Ring
Timeless pearls Sweet symbols Add the negatives


Items featured in header: 86053 • 68662 • 67533 • 2388

Do you absolutely love the heart trend? How do your customers respond to heart styles? Will this be the defining trend of 2017? Share your thoughts below!


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