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Grandparents’ Day Jewelry We’re Head Over Heels For

Give your customers what they want for this most special occasion

When my nephew was six years old, he asked my mother if he could go outside and play in the rain. After thinking about it, Mom said, “Would your mommy let you do it?”

“No,” he replied forlornly.

“Would your other grandmother let you do it?” she inquired.

“No,” he answered again, his head sinking lower.

“Then go for it,” Mom said.

The absurdity of this is that before my sister and I were potty trained, we were trained not to track mud or dirt in the house and to keep our clothes spotless. But, as we all know, grandchildren are different. They get privileges – and cookies! – their parents could only dream of.

And that’s as it should be – how nature designed it. My sweet nephew will have years of wonderful memories with his grandmother, and she will brag for the rest of her life about what a genius she has for a grandson.

To commemorate their special connection, last Grandparents’ Day, I bought Mom a locket, so she could keep cherished memories inside.

As Grandparents’ Day rolls around – this year it’s September 13 – I’ve been polling my colleagues in merchandising for the perfect gift for my mom. Here are their picks.

Social grandma                        1980s grandma                                Vintage grandma



Classic grandma                           Modern grandma


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What are your favorite memories of grandma or grandpa? Or of your grandchildren. Share them in the comments section. Upload your favorite pics, too!


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