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Go All Out, Baby!

Celebrate National Splurge Day in style

I admit it: I was well into my, uh, 20s when I had my first pedicure. And, frankly, I would never have crossed the threshold of the spa if it hadn’t been for a gift certificate that was nearing its expiration. The scene is still crystal clear. I walked into the spa and was instantly greeted by a feast for the senses: the warm glow of the chandelier, the vanilla scent diffuser, the luxurious robe, the decadent madeleines… Ah, I’m transported just remembering it. But all of that pales in comparison to actual pedicure. I wish I could say that I could recall it in the same vivid detail as the first moments in the spa, but I was so relaxed that I fell asleep at some point. All I know is that when I stopped snoring snoozing, I awoke to find soft, smooth feet and beautifully polished nails. I was hooked. For life.

And now, when I really need to feel pampered, I schedule time with the same lady who first introduced me to the bliss that is a pedicure. These little breaks from the stress and strife of daily life can be somewhat expensive, but every now and then, I splurge. Call it a boon for my mental health. (And, for the record, science backs me up on the health benefits of splurging.)

Today is National Splurge Day, the opportunity for all of us – your customers included – to spend a little something extra, just because we can. And, really, is there any better way to splurge than on jewelry? (No, seriously, if you know it, please tell me because jewelry beats even pedicures in my mind.) I’ve picked out some of my all-time favorite pieces that are sure to please all sorts – especially those with discerning taste. Encourage your customers to check out what you have to offer by sharing these pics on your Pinterest or Facebook pages. Tweet any special offers you might have to really entice those who want to splurge but not break the bank.

18kt White 12 CTW Diamond Line 7.25″Bracelet


18kt Yellow South Sea Cultured Pearl, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine & London Blue Topaz Necklace


14kt White 5 CTW Diamond Inside/Outside Hoop Earrings


South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet



Tahitian Cultured & Diamond Ring


And let’s not forget dear old Dad; his special day is just around the corner. Encourage him to splurge on some of these cool items.

Men’s Squadron Chrono Watch with Black Dial, Black Strap, & PVD Case


Posh Mommy® Engravable Daddy Dog Tag



For more splurge-worthy ideas, check out our Pinterest page. Feel free to re-pin them for those who follow you.


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