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Around the World with RhinoGold Software

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A global gathering of feedback and inspiration from jewelers worldwide

There is nothing more enriching than meeting face-to-face with customers on their own turf. Whether it’s new faces or new places, visiting everyone — from independent jewelers to large manufacturers — provides better feedback than even the busiest day at the office. After all, firsthand experiences are more beneficial than secondhand accounts.

And while globalization provides endless access to all sorts of information, I’m most fascinated to realize that creativity, tradition, and beliefs are not universal. Every corner of the world has its own way of creating, manufacturing, and selling unique jewelry.


Over the last six months, the Gemvision RhinoGold software team visited jewelers from all over the world, to gain a better understanding of jewelry trends specific to their regions. Here is a brief overview of our experiences around the globe.

JCK Las Vegas • June 4th

It is always a pleasure to attend JCK Las Vegas, meeting people from both North and South America.

We noticed a wide variety of jewelry-making styles in the U.S., which poses a unique challenge for the RhinoGold software team. We want to meet the needs of all of our customers from engagement and graduation rings to free-form designs.

In turn, we offer tools and solutions for a variety of products, from cathedral and signet rings, dynamic profiles, advanced split shanks, along with countless different setting types. People tend to base their ideas on what they find on the Internet, and eventually pass their findings to us.

We’re always listening so our developers can incorporate these helpful suggestions into upcoming RhinoGold software releases.


RhinoGold experts Pedro Loureiro and Oriol Collelldemont demonstrate the software at JCK Las Vegas 2017
RhinoGold Software JCK Las Vegas Oriol and Pedro Loureiro

Indonesia • July 10th

After three intensive weeks of working on all the requests gathered from JCK Las Vegas, we packed up and traveled to Indonesia.

Here, we discovered another dimension in jewelry trends. In Indonesia, a 1,000-employee company is considered small. After all, a country with over 200 million people is a great place to set up a jewelry-making factory, especially since nearly the entire populace has a passion for wearing jewelry.

We found that the weight of jewelry is a big concern in Indonesian designs. Jewelers want RhinoGold software to help them create larger, yet lighter pieces. Wire Rings or pendants with wires at 0.2mm thickness are common. And of course, price is as much a factor there as it is in the states.

Even if a customer already uses CAD, man, you gotta see their eyes when they see the Dynamic Pattern and Dynamic Tiling in action. We just saved them two hours’ work in just a few clicks” – RhinoGold Software Developer

Applying these tools to different surfaces enables our customers to make intricate, unique designs that would be nearly impossible to fabricate by hand.

Sydney • August 26th

You never know what the weather has in store on our global adventures. We went from warm days in Indonesia to wintry ones in Sydney.

The Sydney show was held at Darling Harbor, making it much more convenient for our customers to visit us. Again, as in Las Vegas, Australia’s big business is bridal! Our software must accommodate everything from engagement rings, three-stone rings, to eternity bands to fulfill Australian customers’ needs.

On top of the specific tools needed to design bridal jewelry, our customers were very interested in our Elements Libraries. This capability allows users to choose from thousands of different models and adapt those models to their specific needs. This process is incredibly simple and does not require users to be tech-savvy. Even on the first day using it, any designer can create a custom piece!

Oriol takes flight!
RhinoGold software Oriol airplane travel

India • September 6th

Two weeks later, it was back to the airport for us! This time, we traveled to South India to visit the Coimbatore Jewelry Show and toured a few large factories in the area.

The Indian style is very particular. It’s called ‘Temple’ and incorporates huge necklaces, earrings, belts, and more. Because these pieces are so big, our customers asked for tools to lighten their jewelry designs. They use intricate religious themes in their jewelry, which means deploying Clayoo. The RhinoGold organic modeler is a must-have when it comes down to designing organic shapes.

These customers were impressed with several tools including the Dynamic Pattern and Tiling and our gem builders. These tools let customers configure models to set stones on wax and cast it directly.

We visited many big factories and received a lot of input from our customers, most of which will be included the next software release.

Don’t forget about RhinoGold training!
RhinoGold software training

HK Jewelry Show • September 15th

The Hong Kong trade show reflects the city itself: customers hustle about in search of something special. It is the largest, busiest, and most international of all the trade shows we visited. Whether you’re looking for tools, equipment, heavy machinery, gems, mountings, findings, or finished pieces, the Hong Kong Jewelry Show is well worth the visit!

While 3D Scanners are not designed to create detailed rings, they can be used to add gems to a piece originally made by hand. Thanks to RhinoGold tools like Retopology, it’s easier than ever to use scanned data to make adjustments to any piece. In a customer’s recent project featured below, a broken Ganesha sculpture was imported into RhinoGold where we were able to repair its lost right arm. In the near future, we expect 3D Scanners will improve significantly and be able to work on detailed rings. Right now, they offer an option for jewelry repair and small modifications.

RhinoGold software 3D scanner gemstone repair

Expojoya Guadalajara, Mexico • October 3rd

As we draw closer to the year’s end, it is always a luxury to visit our friends in Mexico. Again, we toured another region with a unique style, another market, and another need for RhinoGold software. We found a wide variety of styles in Mexico – from fancy gold and diamond jewelry to trendy silver designs.

And of course, THE FOOD!

Traveling allows us to try all sorts of cuisine from every region. In Mexico, it’s rice, seafood, and meat for dinner. And for breakfast, it’s scrambled eggs and sandwiches, along with spicy soups and dumplings. The people enjoy exotic fruits and even stranger sweets served with red wine or “chai”.

Every region has its unique cuisine just as it has its own style of jewelry. Every “jewelry chef innovates and creates according to their skills, beliefs, and traditions. This is what makes jewelry authentic, original, and valuable.

Indonesia Training
RhinoGold software developers group

We’re blessed to learn from the artisans who use our program everyday and help us make RhinoGold software its very best. In fact, this is what makes RhinoGold so popular. The software grows as we listen to our customers’ needs. CAD technology keeps businesses ahead of the curve to enhance productivity and create more opportunities, as we pave the way to success!


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MRhinoGold software Oriol Collelldemont BW Headshoteet Oriol Collelldemont

RhinoGold Product Manager • I’ve been in the jewelry trade my entire life – from working at the bench to managing • I live in Barcelona, though I lived in Australia for 4 years • I love to see the excited faces of those receiving a special piece of jewelry •  When I’m not traveling, I love to stay with family and ride my bicycle with my group of friends (as long as we stop to have a good breakfast!)


Meet Xavier Rofes

Managing Director of Gemvision in Barcelona • Sushi, Bob Dylan, and red wine are just a few of my favorite things • Huge FC Barcelona soccer fan! • I love to sail the Mediterranean sea with my family • I prefer reading history instead of making it • A classic No-Shave Millennial • I ride my bicycle early in the morning to justify my all-time-favorite breakfast ‘entrepa de Iberic’ or Iberian Sandwich.

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Oriol Collelldemont

Gemvision Product Management Director

I've been in the jewelry trade my entire life – from working at the bench to managing • I live in Barcelona, though I lived in Australia for 4 years • I love to see the excited faces of those receiving a special piece of jewelry • When I'm not traveling, I love to stay with family and ride my bicycle with my group of friends (as long as we stop to have a good breakfast!)