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GIFT GUIDE: On-Trend Family Jewelry for Mom

Celebrate Mother's Day this year with trending and popular pieces

Can we really call Family Jewelry on-trend? Not that many years ago, family jewelry was a Mother’s Day bestseller, but it was not exactly the latest style. Most designs had been around for years, if not decades. But over a period of years, Family Jewelry has emerged like a butterfly from a pupa and taken flight into new, on-trend territory.

Younger Mothers and Jewelers

We have younger generations of mothers who want exciting new looks that work seamlessly with their trendy, sophisticated jewelry so they can wear their family jewelry frequently — if not all the time. And younger jewelers want fresh designs their customers find irresistible.

Our in-house design team has welcomed the challenge and worked with the jewelry product managers to update our offerings. We love the results, and sales have soared. Not surprisingly, Moms of all ages find these new styles attractive. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide showcases some of the most popular looks as well as new designs.

It’s worth mentioning that many of these styles transform beautifully into elegant diamond jewelry even if none of your children were born in April!

Natural Attraction

Nature inspires our sense of family, and there’s no better expression of this than our family tree. You’ll find branch and family tree designs, and we have elegant new Wildflower family jewelry styles.

Page 4 | 72184Page 5 | 87176Page 5 | 86271

Birthstones and Engraving

Some styles incorporate birthstones and engraving alone and together.

Page 7 | 71777Page 6 | 87340Page 6 | 71622

Family Circles

There are rings aplenty, just as many necklaces and earrings. On pages nine and ten, you’ll find elegant styles that embody the phrase ‘family circle.”

Page 9 | 87650Page 9 | 86799Page 11 | 72144


Straight and tapered baguettes are one of this year’s hottest stone shapes, and some styles feature both. Their clean, modern lines take star turns throughout the brochure, where you’ll see them in necklaces, earrings, and rings. Customers will love the popular stackable family ring styles.

Page 9 | 86994Page 17 | 653650Page 21 | 123714

Our Mother’ Day Gift Guide features these and so much more to inspire you and your customers. And if you want more choices, shop 24/7.


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