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GIA® Diamond Dossier® Goes Digital for 2023

Know how to read your GIA Diamond Dossier for vital diamond quality information on Stuller Diamonds®.

The GIA Diamond Dossier® has advanced from print to digital beginning in 2023. Loose natural diamonds with grading reports between 0.15 – 1.99 carats in the D-to-Z color range may no longer come with a physical report.  

When visiting, you will still have the same report experience you are used to having. Click on the serial number of the diamond you’re shopping for, and then click on GIA Report to view the digital grading report.

Throughout your shopping and purchase journey, there will be multiple call-outs on to notify you if the diamond you are purchasing has a digital only report. You have the ability to scan the QR code on the diamond’s box as well as the invoice sheet.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of GIA’s strategic service arrangement with Stuller. The digital GIA Diamond Dossier is one example of how we continue to look for ways to make our partnership more impactful and make our customers’ lives easier. A strong, continuous collaboration between Stuller and GIA leadership provides unparalleled confidence as GIA is the most trusted gemological authority in the industry.

“Digital reports from GIA build on our decades of innovation and move our consumer protection mission forward,” said GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques. “This important transformation allows GIA to offer consumers a truly modern and engaging experience while helping our industry progress toward a more sustainable future.”

You can print the GIA Diamond Dossier for your customers or upgrade to a full report if a physical copy of the dossier is required.

How-To Video: Know the Facets of Your Report

From your diamond’s 4Cs to its proportions, know how to read your GIA Diamond Dossier for vital diamond quality information.

All GIA Reports to go Digital by 2025

By 2025, all GIA reports will be converted from print to digital form. These efforts will save 20 tons of paper and 18.5 tons of plastic each year and reduce transportation-related carbon emissions. Learn more about these changes at


Olivia Billet

Product Manager, Diamonds

Olivia attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, and is certified through GIA as an Applied Jewelry Professional as well as a Certified Sales Associate through the American Gem Society. Years of digging through her mom and grandmothers’ jewelry boxes lead to a love of diamonds and gemstones which she leans on every day in her role at Stuller.