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Geometry, the latest equation in Jewelry

Trendy advice for those Mother’s Day buyers

We caught up with Lauren Garvey, our diamond and gemstone merchandiser, who offered us the latest tips for those busy moms who like to keep it simple but still be on trend.

What defines the modern mother? Who is she and what makes her stand out from women in past decades? Today’s modern woman is well educated, hard-working, confident, and most importantly, has a strong sense of herself. She wants to stand out. She wants to be different. She wants to be unique. She uses her style to express who she is.

That said, she isn’t looking to spend a lot to create her unique style. The great thing about jewelry (the right jewelry, that is) is women today don’t have to make a huge investment to make a statement.

Layering allows the trendy modern woman to invest in several smaller pieces that can be mixed and matched without taking a huge chunk from her designer wallet. And with several gift-giving (and receiving!) opportunities, Mom can grow her collection all year long. The more pieces, the more variety she can add to her wardrobe, whether her style is classic or cutting edge. The modern mother will have a look that no one else does because she will be creating it herself (maybe with a little help from her husband and kids).

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Geometric patterns are a staple in fashion and are in heavy rotation with many designers. Stuller has all the popular shapes in all metal or diamond accented pieces. A variety of necklines in current fashion allow for great pairings with geometric silhouettes. Because these are petite pieces, a woman doesn’t have to break her budget to keep up with this great trend. I, for instance, love stacking different shapes rings in multiple metal colors to give a bigger look.

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The geometric pattern has also given way to the linear trend, which is my personal favorite. This is an ever-growing trend that started with the basic, bolder patterns and has morphed into fine lines, curving details, and cross over looks.  These pieces are so simple, yet when paired together they make such a statement. Your customers can choose from a classic, single diamond-bar necklace, to a criss-cross ring, or one of our new color diamond-bar necklaces.

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And to see more styles perfect for sharing, check out our Mother’s Day page on Pinterest.


Lauren Garvey

I've been with Stuller since 2014 • Grew up an Army Brat: six states and three countries • Huge phobia of ketchup • Obsessed with funny dog videos • Could live off saltine crackers—boring, I know! • Lasagna & cheesecake are my specialty • Flamingos are my favorite animal.