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4 Ways to Wear This Season’s Sharpest Geometric Jewelry Trends

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Learn how adding a few angles and edges will shape up any jewelry wardrobe

A few months ago, trendspotters here at Stuller noticed geometric jewelry trends were soaring in popularity. We even named geometric engagement designs as a top unique engagement ring trend in 2018. This may not come as breaking news, however. You’ve probably had customers requesting geometric jewelry for quite some time now.

What’s more compelling, though, is the spread of industries this trend covers. Smartphones are squarer and sleeker. Cars are more shapely and look futuristic. Architecture is modern and well proportioned. Even our food takes on new shapes. This far-reaching effect is what defines a true, healthy trend. After all, as fads come and go, trends emerge and evolve.


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All in all, this means the styles mentioned below are here to stay. Take Tiffany’s new engagement line — Tiffany True — for example. The company’s newest ring feels scientifically engineered, featuring a new diamond cut that is square(ish) and exudes contemporary elegance. This bold new direction gives a strong nod to geometric design and leads us toward the future of jewelry. So keep those Asscher-cut diamonds and triangle-shaped earrings well stocked— this geometric jewelry trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Here are four of this season’s sharpest geometric jewelry trends and our favorite new pieces—

Baguettes by the dozen

Baguette diamonds, named for long French loaves of bread, came into the spotlight somewhere during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry periods. Upon their arrival onto the jewelry scene, women chose baguettes as a break from the traditional round diamond. And still today, these boxy little stones stand apart and are perfect for expressing individuality— an easy selling point for today’s buyer.

Sharp edges

Like diamond and gemstone facets, polished metal reflects light just as well. Jewelry with sharp edges and angular forms express detail, depth, and dimension. Chiseled bands and jagged necklines shimmer in the spotlight and make sound impressions of their own.

Get in the groove

Grooved details add appeal to an otherwise unembellished band. Tell the hand-carved story to sell one-of-a-kind men’s bands and ladies’ stackable standouts.

Negative space

Yep. Negative space jewelry is still a front-running favorite. Because, well, bare metal is beautiful. This trend celebrates metal and its many textures, forms, and finishes. These pieces command attention through their elegant simplicity and enduring appeal.

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How are geometric jewelry trends received in your area? Are they flying off the shelves, or not quite? Let us know in the comments below!


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