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Have You Explored the New Gemstone Experience on

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Here's an insider's guide to navigating gemstones on our website

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Sam Larson, Director of Gemstones


“Hey there, I’m Sam. It’s nice to meet you! I am the new Director of Gemstones here at Stuller and I’m super excited to share our new Gemstone Experience on There are so many great new features that allow you to navigate with ease. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and maybe a few things you aren’t…”

Gemstone Buying Made Easy

As you know, there is A LOT of behind the scenes action during the gemstone buying process. Your couple wants a pink stone? Quick, check what’s available. Your customer wants a stone to fit into great grandma’s mounting? Hurry, what do we do? No need to fret! Sit back, we’ve got you covered.

Head over to the new Gemstone Experience on and have a look around!

We’ve organized the online experience to help you connect with Stuller’s selection, quality, and helpful services for every gemstone need. Watch the video below and keep reading for insider tips and tricks to use on a daily basis.


Here are a few tips to help you navigate the new Gemstone Experience on

Explore these 4 new features from the new Gemstones Experience on

1. Compare Gemstones with Grading Reports

The new Gemstone Experience on helps you find, compare, and buy the exact stone you need. Simply select multiple Black Box Gemstones® and click compare selected. From there, you’ll see side-by-side stats of carat size, mm height, mm width, pricing, and more! Also, genuine gemstones can now be quickly compared with lab-created and imitation options. Our new comparison tool was built to help you price out similar colors and types more quickly!

Gemstones Experience on Comparison

2. All-New Gemstone Visuals

You’ll notice all-new images within the Gemstone Experience on Many stones feature stunning 360-degree high-resolution video to help you see every detail. We also include actual visuals of the gemstone available— something that sets us apart. Browse these new visuals to narrow down your options with speed and confidence.

Gemstones Experience on Aquamarine

3. Shop by Color, Shape, Size, and More

Use the new sort functions to refine your comparisons. Prefer to shop based on size and shape? No problem! Head right on over to the new shop by shape area and drill down to exactly what works for you. We’ve also added an intuitive color spectrum to help you identify the exact color tone you need.

Gemstone Experience on Color Spectrum

4. Helpful Gemstone Information

Can’t remember if that Morganite can go into the ultrasonic? No worries. The new learn more feature spells out all the gemstone information you need to know. We’ve also added other tidbits of information to help you educate and inspire your customers. Also, size tolerance guides are available for reference for all calibrated gemstone shapes.

Gemstone Experience on Learn More

While perhaps it’s more exciting to shop for stones on 47th street in NYC, the new Gemstone Experience on is surely easier to navigate with a plethora of options and expertly recommended stones right from your computer screen — stress and street-hassle free!

Keep your eyes out for quarterly gemstone updates. And in the meantime, remember, we’re always here to help. Need to special order a gemstone? Call one of our specialists at 1-800-877-7777. Choose option 6 for gemstones. 


Sam Larson

Former Director of Gemstones