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From Start-Up to Up and Coming

How Rare Pink and Stuller Partnered for Success

When we first set up Rare Pink, a bespoke diamond engagement ring company, there were just two of us working from a flat in east London trying to build a company that would allow customers to design the rings of their dreams. A small start-up company, at that point all we had was access to loose diamond suppliers and a plan to sell rings online. However, we didn’t have a network of CAD designers who could help us design our own rings.

After seeing the poor quality photographs some suppliers were sending us, we realised the importance early on of having top-quality images of the rings we create. Without a physical product, it’s these images that give our customers the confidence to make the purchase. Without these, we realised we simply couldn’t retail successfully online.

This is where Stuller came in. After extensive research, we discovered CounterSketch Studio, an award-winning piece of software created by Gemvision and back by Stuller. CounterSketch allowed us to design our first collection of engagement rings and render them in superior quality images in just days. So flexible and easy to use, we were able to do this from our own desktop without the added cost or hassle of hiring a professional jewellery designer.

That’s how it all began. We databased our favourite rings, created photo-realistic images of them, and used these to begin selling our engagement rings online. Almost immediately, we began receiving enquiries and so started working with the Stuller team to fulfill these engagement ring orders. Despite being separated by thousands of miles, Stuller in the US, us in London, we were surprised to see how quickly the rings were delivered and how easy it was to order online. We even began purchasing diamonds through Stuller, too, because of their competitive pricing. The whole process was efficient and fuss-free which was great for us, and our customers.

Instantly, Stuller became a reliable partner to us. With the help of CounterSketch’s beautiful 3D imagery, we are able to sell unique bespoke jewellery with a superior service. It’s this first-class combination that has enabled us to expand into New York and Hong Kong. Soon, we will be expanding further, offering our seamless bespoke buying experience to greater areas of the US and China.

Fast, simple and effective, CounterSketch allows us to see the whole design process from start to finish without the need for designers, photographers and retouchers, and without the need for an extensive live inventory. We design using virtual metal and stones and make the sale before purchasing the raw products which protects us from today’s volatile markets. Stuller has allowed us to take control of our business as well as keep our overheads down, enabling us to go from small start-up, to the global business we are today.


Andres Mejia

Rare Pink Marketing Director

I've been with since 2012 • I helped to launch • At Rare Pink I've been directing the digital marketing strategy to drive traffic and revenue online • MSc Marketing Comms, BSc Industrial Engineering • Vinyl collector, electronic music connoisseur • Data junkie and tech lover • From Colombia but based in London, UK.