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Charles & Colvard Presents: Forever One™ Moissanite Melee

Consider these tiny, yet impactful accent stones in your next design

We’ve reviewed the history of moissanite, covered the newest assortment of Forever One™ shapes and sizes and discussed how moissanite appeals to Millennials – a new generation of buyers. Now it’s time to take a look at the smallest, yet arguably the most impactful offering of Forever One Moissanite Melee.

Forever One Moissanite Melee Mounting Loose Stones

Introducing Forever One Moissanite Melee — Now available to add into your Stuller mountings


Small Stones, Big Sparkle

Forever One moissanite melee range in size from 1.0-2.4 mm and are cut and faceted to unique specifications to enhance their fire and brilliance. These small stones are graded I or better under the GIA diamond color grading scale. Through continuous innovation in our creation process, we’ve developed a technique for improving our stones while satisfying our customers. Our Forever One moissanite melee combines quality craftsmanship with new technology.

When exploring engagement and fine jewelry trends, it’s easy to see why our Forever One moissanite melee is in high demand. Charles & Colvard melee has more fire and brilliance than alternative melee gemstones, making it a fine enhancement to any piece of jewelry


Why Suggest Moissanite?

Color & Clarity

Forever One D-E-F moissanite is a much-desired colorless grade, while Forever One G-H-I moissanite is near-colorless with a slight icy hue. It’s also eye clean and considered flawless to the naked eye.

More Fire, More Brilliance

As you know, moissanite has more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone in the world. So, add this melee to make a sparkling complement to any gemstone center stone.

Environmental Conscience

Grown in a lab, moissanite is conflict-free. This may be an ideal option for customers who oppose mined stones.

Lower Price-Point

Moissanite costs less than diamonds. To keep within budget constraints, suggest Forever One moissanite melee in lieu of diamond accents.


Popular Engagement Rings with melee

Melee adds a layer of sparkle to any piece of fine jewelry. The popular halo trend is a prime example of how melee can add impact to any engagement.

Trendy Bands with Melee

Add extra bling to anniversary and eternity bands with moissanite melee. These little stones will make a big statement.

Melee Made Earrings

The classic earring jacket proves that melee can dress up the simplest studs. Moissanite melee can also replace genuine diamonds while adorning pearls and gemstones.


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Have you added Forever One Moissanite Melee to your customized Stuller styles? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.


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