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Finding Inspiration: Four Jewelry Design Trends with Components to Match

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Our Product Design and Merchandising teams have joined forces to bring the trendiest, most innovative findings and components. They’ve pushed the limits of creative design to stay current with jewelry design trends and make your bench work easier.

Below, we’ve highlighted four jewelry design trends with findings to complete each look.


Floral Jewelry Motifs

Fashionable floral designs have enduring, widespread appeal and are simply sublime to add to your spring and summer offerings. Create a landscape of nature designs with these floral findings.

Floral Jewelry Design Trends Sketchbook

Findings Featured Above:

Linear Jewelry Looks

Linear designs remind us that simplicity is sometimes sweetest. These findings are ideal for piecing together minimalist trends that incorporate simple lines.

Linear Jewelry Design Trends Sketchbook

Findings Featured Above:

Micro-Bezel Jewelry Collections

The micro bezel collection features tiny bezel dangles, links, and settings which are all trending right now. These versatile findings are sure to provide the finishing touch to any style.

Micro Bezel Jewelry Design Trends Sketchbook

Findings Featured Above:

Geometric Jewelry Designs

Geometric shapes add a touch of modern to your selection and captivate customers who love sharp turns and dynamic angles. Use geometric findings to shape designs that range from sleek and clean to strikingly bold.

Geometric Jewelry Design Trends Sketchbook

Findings Featured Above:

What do you think of the jewelry design trends? How do they fare in your area? Let us know in the comments below!


Alissa Talbot

Director of Findings and Metals

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