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Fiery Moissanite: A Perfect Choice for Bridal Designs

Moissanite for Bridal

Fall in love with Moissanite as a cost-friendly diamond alternative.

One look at the pristine brilliance of Moissanite makes it easy to understand its growing popularity for engagement rings, anniversary and eternity bands, and men’s bands. This gorgeous, lab-grown gem offers more than its across-the-room sparkle. Its high durability (9.25 on the Mohs scale) and affordability make it increasingly attractive to couples who want new choices for their bridal rings.

Think Big 

Couples vary in how much they want to spend on an engagement ring, reflecting their priorities. Today, many want a larger stone without breaking the bank to buy it. Others seek an “eco-friendly” gem and still others choose to save for a down payment on a house, extensive travel, and other personal commitments. Moissanite makes all these priorities attainable. We offer Charles & Colvard Forever One and Stuller Moissanite in many shapes and sizes. Both come in a range of melee sizes so customers can delight in elegant accents to their heart’s content. 

moissanite bridal


Diamonds — natural and lab-grown — claim much of the bridal market, but they face competition from Moissanite. In 2017, Pinterest searches for Moissanite engagement rings rose by 297%, and the trend continues. A one-carat natural diamond will cost a minimum of 5K to 6K (approximate retail) and even more if the couple wants a larger stone. A DEF 6.5 mm Moissanite — the equivalent of 1 CT — costs a fraction of a comparable diamond, retailing for up to $810 triple key for a Hearts & Arrows cut. Larger stones from 7.5 to 8 mm DEF, approximately a 2 CT stone, retail from approximately $975 to $1,800 at triple key. A natural diamond in that size would cost thousands more, at significantly less than triple key.

Environmentally Conscious 

Some environmentally conscious customers feel attracted to Moissanite because it’s lab-grown, not taken from the earth. Moissanite developed this way out of necessity. In the late 19th century, Henri Moissan discovered tiny crystals of natural Moissanite in a meteorite crater. Since then, no one has found this sparkling stone in sizes and colors suitable for jewelry. The race began to grow it in a lab and it took close to 100 years. So, when Charles & Colvard first created Moissanite in 1993, it was an impressive achievement though the stone was not colorless. The company persisted, and in 2015, they introduced their crowning glory, Forever One™, available in DEF and GHI. This fired up Moissanite’s bridal breakthrough. Today, we carry colorless and near-colorless Forever One by Charles & Colvard and Stuller Moissanite in a host of shapes to tempt any bride.

moissanite bridal

Tell Moissanite’s Story 

To learn more about Moissanite, visit or read our Sell With a Story blog post on Moissanite.

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Sam Larson

Former Director of Gemstones