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Drawing inspiration from what’s trending

Hashtags are important.

So important that you’ve read about them here, learned about them at Bridge, and heard about them from every single millennial in your life. Even the older crowd has given up on the pound sign in place of the trendier “hashtag” title. Here’s the deal, though. Everything we’ve told you about hashtags has revolved around getting users to click through to your content. Now it’s your turn to click. Because hashtags also deliver great sources of inspiration.

What do I mean exactly? Well, take Festival Season for example. Kicked off by Coachella, Festival Season refers to the late-spring-through-summer months and the countless music festivals held during this time. These events differ by location and genre, but three common threads remain:

1. Festivals are live music experiences like no other.

2. Festival food is the best food – hands down.

3. They are a breeding ground for bold styles and new trends.


Flower crowns, high-waisted shorts, and crop tops aren’t the only looks showing up at festivals these days. Check out a hashtag like #FestivalFashion, and you’ll see what Millennials wear to these events in real time.

Festival Fashion Instagram Snapshot

So, what happens if we get a little more specific? Tailor it to our industry. What happens when you scroll through #FestivalJewelry on Instagram? Inspiration. That’s what happens.

You’ll quickly notice that some of these styles push edgy to the edge. We’re not suggesting you drop what you’re doing and start making elaborate body jewelry. Rather, it’s all about your interpretation and incorporating the ideas into styles that work for your market. (Although, if you do start making elaborate body jewelry, please tag us on Instagram because I would love to check it out.)

Here’s what we did. We scrolled through #FestivalJewelry, chose a few inspiration photos and paired them with all NEW Stuller Styles. Here’s the festival fashion breakdown that caught our eyes:

Celestial Layering

Festival fashion celestial jewelry layered necklace
Festival fashion found with #FestivalJewelry


Symbols from the cosmos were consistent throughout our search. Styles featured moons, suns, stars and even astrological signs. Often paired with layered necklaces such as station necklaces or chokers, festivalgoers are definitely paying homage to the universe this year.

Arrows and Angles

Festival fashion arrows angles necklace
Festival fashion found with #FestivalJewelry


It might have something to do with harmony and balance, but symmetry and geometry were quite prevalent in the styles we came across. This trend is growing in popularity in general, but when it comes to the festival fashion variation, arrow and triangle shapes top the list.

Designs with Meaning

Festival fashion hamsa hand symbol charms
Festival fashion found with #FestivalJewelry


Symbols like the hamsa, lotus, and ohm were the final trend making the cut today. Usually found as charms on bracelets, necklaces, or even anklets, these pieces are just as much about the design as they are about the meaning. Festival attendees are telling a story by wearing these styles, and you get to write the next chapter!


So, what’s the takeaway? Social media is GREAT for your business, but not just for promotional purposes. In addition to allowing you to virtually showcase your product and build relationships with your customers online, they also let you tap into collections of trends curated by your potential customers. And honestly, if you’re only using social media for the first reason, you’re totally missing out.

I hope you’ve been inspired by what’s trending in festival fashion. Drop your comments and questions down below, and I’ll answer them ASAP. Until next time, I’m sending good vibes and logging off.


Kristyn Shay

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