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Feature Friday – Taylor Burgess

Taylor talks about her unwavering focus on the customer

taylor-burgess-headshotI grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana but moved away to Dallas to attend the Art Institute for Fashion Design. I always had a love for art and creating things so after one year in general art studies, I decided to enter into fashion design. While in school, I worked for Nordstrom in a retail sales position. Nordstrom’s culture of having strong customer-centrism taught me how to truly sell by providing exceptional service. From there, I was hooked on the merchandising side of the business! I ended up in retail buying positions for both and Nordstrom stores. Every decision was made by questioning does the customer want this and how will this make the customer feel? After starting my family, I moved on to work for a few years at the JCPenney home office in Plano, Texas.

It was at this time in my life I realized how much I truly missed my hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. I knew that if I wanted to continue my career in merchandising, Stuller was the place for me. So after 11 years away, I moved back home with my husband and young son. I grew up with a strong awareness of who Stuller was as a company. My dad owned a jewelry store when I was young and I keenly remember him tinkering with the design and creation of jewelry throughout my childhood. I always loved receiving gifts of Stuller jewelry from him and it certainly instilled into me a sense of appreciation for the company.

Since my start in 2013, I have worked in a few different areas of the Merchandising world of Stuller. I began as a product manager of our Gemstone, Metal Fashion and Chain category. From there, I became a Director of Fine Jewelry and later became Bridal Director. Most recently, I hold the role of Executive Director of Customer Experience in the Marketing Division. I am extremely honored and excited to be a part of this exciting new team. The industry is rapidly evolving and as the marketplace changes, so do our customers’ needs. Our department’s overarching mission is to ensure exceptional and seamless experiences for our jewelers at every interaction, whether online, on the phone, on social media or in person.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy my current position. I am very excited to be at the forefront of our unwavering focus on our customers. Whether I was helping to develop the right jewelry trends or ensuring our jewelers have an end-to-end experience, keeping our customers happy is what inspires me daily.

Outside of Stuller, I have two young boys and an amazing husband. So, when I am not at work I try to soak up every second of time I have with them. We can usually be found digging in the dirt, racing hot wheels cars or reading books together.


Taylor Burgess

Chief Customer Officer