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Feature Friday – Morgan Bares

Morgan Bares Header Feature Friday

The beach-lovin' bridal product manager

Morgan Bares Headshot Black & WhiteI’ve been working within the jewelry industry since I was 19. While I was in college in Jackson, Mississippi, I worked at a retail jewelry store managing the in-store and marketing promotions. My connection with Stuller traces back many years, starting at three years of age. Maren Rosen’s mom was my violin teacher growing up. Soon after I moved home from college, I reached out to Maren to inquire about a job in marketing. As luck would have it, Maren quickly found a spot for me in Merchandising. I started off in September 2013 as an Assistant Product Manager working with Taylor Burgess in the metal fashion and chain department. A year later, I was promoted to my current position as Bridal Product Manager.

In my current role, I manage our engagement, eternity and anniversary, and ever&ever® businesses. My job keeps me on my toes at all times. Never do I have time to look at the clock to see how many more hours are left in the day. I love being able to work with people across the company, all working together to achieve great things for our customers.

I love my job because each day is different – new challenges, projects and problems come my way every hour and keep things interesting. I’m fortunate and grateful to work alongside such an amazing team. They are all rock stars in their own way, keeping Stuller’s bridal business thriving. Their hard work and dedication makes this job rewarding and helps us to provide our customers with the bridal pieces they need.

Morgan Bares New Bridal Rings
Morgan Bares models the newest styles

Ever&ever® is another huge part of my job. Though only a small facet of the bridal business, we put much energy into this holistic bridal program in order to aid our customers’ success. In the last 3 years, ever&ever® has evolved greatly thanks to every single team in this building – from marketing to inventory, design, web development, manufacturing and more. Everyone at Stuller has played a part in growing ever&ever® into Stuller’s first comprehensive bridal program.

I especially love being able to provide engagement rings that will one day make a special person the happiest girl in the world. Imagine that! The rings we design and work with on a daily basis will one day land on someone’s finger, symbolizing the most important and special union of their life.

As for our new bridal styles, I’m loving how classic and traditional they are. I always reiterate you can only recreate the bridal wheel so many times. We’ve been adding small twists on classic pieces lately to much success. Though small and subtle changes, each creates unique rings that might be different than a bride’s friends’ ring, with small diamond accents like a diamond rail around the gallery, for example. Even changing the prongs from standard round prongs to claw prongs or changing the setting type from standard scallop to French set creates classic yet unique engagement rings. We have countless new styles like these thanks to the consistent work from our design team.

Morgan Bares Boyfriend & DogMy favorite Stuller memory was launching ever&ever® at JCK in 2015. I remember running to Target in Las Vegas the night before the show to buy accessories and scissors to dress up the small section in our booth at the time. It’s amazing to look back and see how the program has evolved. In fact, much has changed since then as well. We’ve seen new trends become hot topics like lab-grown diamonds, colored metal, thin shanks, and stackable bands. The industry is always changing and though challenging, it’s exciting to keep up AND stay ahead.

Outside of work, I love to travel and spend equal amounts of time on the beach and on my couch. I also stay active, teaching exercise classes at Pure Barre after work and some weekends. I spend much time on the road traveling to visit my short/long-distance boyfriend and our less than a year old puppy, Evie, who live in New Orleans. We watch movies and enjoy good wine and great food. Typically, I try to unplug from work as much as possible over the weekend in order to stay connected and energized during the week. I give my all into work when I’m here, so the more re-energizing I can do outside of the office, the better!

Have you had success with ever&ever®? Tell us all about it in the comments below! Check out last week’s Feature Friday post here in case you missed it.


Morgan Waters

I've been with Stuller since 2013 • Played violin since the age of three • Graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS & forever a Liberal Arts enthusiast • Managed in-store marketing & retail promotions at a local jewelry store while in college • Love hot yoga followed by lazy brunch on Saturday mornings.