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Feature Friday – Lindsey Prewitt

Lindsey Prewitt Stuller Associate Blog FF

A day in the life of the Moissanite Lady

I was looking for a job when someone told me Stuller was having a career fair. I went and met with a few people from marketing then I applied for a position as a Loyalty Program Manager. I landed an interview and clearly remember the interesting question asked on my way out: If I were the Public Relations person for Jeep and their vehicles’ gas tanks began exploding, what would I do to keep customers coming back? I was asked to send my response via email in the next few days.

So I got online and researched everything from Jeep loyalty to gas tank explosions! I even called my uncle, a mechanic, to talk through the design aspects of automobiles and gain a better understanding of the “issue” at hand. I typed up my report and sent it to my interviewers. I suppose I left a lasting impression because they told me I’d be a great fit for a different position within the company. That’s when I met with Stanley Zale and the gemstone team. I started working here in May of 2015.

Lindsey Prewitt with a customer at JCK Las Vegas
Lindsey with a customer at JCK Las Vegas

Here I am a year and a half down the road, and I still feel grateful for the wonderful opportunity. I am a Gemstone Product Manager. Many know me as the Moissanite Lady as well, but I’m in charge of all the brands: Charles and Colvard Moissanite, and Swarovski, plus imitations and synthetics. I have a hand in everything associated with these gemstones, from marketing on the web and in print, facilitating customer interaction at Bridge, tradeshows, Transform Tours, etc. I answer customer questions and concerns about the products, set up new parts and pricing, control inventory, interact with vendors and help to grow the product lines.

I love my career. I’ve always got something going on and a new challenge or project. This makes going to work fun; I never know what the day will bring! I’m continuously inspired knowing that the job I’m doing helps others to succeed in their businesses. I always aspired to hold a position where I could directly help other people. I enjoy hearing stories from our customers and learning how our services, in one way or another, help jewelers to be a HERO to their customer.

Lindsey Prewitt Seattle TravelThroughout my career, the biggest change I’ve witnessed is seeing companies embrace the lab-created diamonds. I like to tell customers that only yesterday, the two choices were diamond and Cubic Zirconia. Now we offer mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, Moissanite, CZ and more! There is truly something for everyone.

Outside of work, I love to travel! In fact, last year I made my New Year’s resolution to travel every chance I could. I went to Seattle twice, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, and Tucson. I had so much fun that I made the same resolution for 2017!

Lindsey Prewitt LSU college football

I also enjoy football; I love LSU football but also college football as a whole. I keep up with all teams and enjoy seeing who’s in the top 25 each week. The excitement and unpredictability keep me entertained. I like tailgating at Tiger Stadium and the excitement of walking into Death Valley on Saturdays for game time.

Lindsey Prewitt Baby Luke

I love spending time with my family, especially my nephew, Luke. My sister Addie gave birth to him in September, and I adore being his Godparent. Watching him grow and discover new things has been an amazing experience. They live not far away in Metairie, and I head down there every chance I get. I also enjoy visiting my grandmother who is 91 years of age. A favorite memory of mine is planning her 90th surprise birthday party. It was something to remember for a lifetime. I am blessed and grateful to still have her here with me at her age.

Lindsey Prewitt Oompa Loopa Halloween

Finally, I love to make others smile and laugh. I am a very short woman at 6’8 and enjoy sharing a laugh with others or making someone smile. During Halloween, I dress up in a way that will bring others joy. My first Halloween at Stuller remains one of my favorite memories. I dressed up as an Oompa-Loompa. What a blast it was! Many times when I’m out and about, I get asked to take a picture with someone. I enjoy making people smile, and I think my height does that, along with my carefree personality.

Though it sounds cliché, I always advise others to live life to the fullest in all aspects. At work, give everything you have. Think not only of your current project but how your work fits into the bigger picture of the organization. At home, tell your friends and family how much you love them. And lastly, of course, travel as much as you can. USE ALL YOUR VACATION DAYS.

Did you enjoy this feature on Lindsey Prewitt? Here’s an article she wrote covering the ins and outs of moissanite. 


Lindsey Prewitt

I've been with Stuller since 2015 • I helped Stuller meet their height requirement quota at 6’8” • I graduated and played basketball for Southeastern Louisiana University - Lion UP! • I’m in a book called “World’s Tallest Living Women” published my Senior year of high school • I love college Football • Halloween is one of my favorite holidays where I enjoy making others laugh with my famous costumes: Oompa Loompa, Big Bird, Smurf, Minion, just to name a few • Motto: Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words.