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Feature Friday – Jenny Wiggins

The lady in charge of logistics

Throughout almost eleven years at Stuller, I’ve held different roles in Logistics; I have a passion for it. I progressed through four positions before reaching my current one, with each preparing me for the next. The controlled chaos keeps me going each day. Also, it’s fulfilling knowing we’ve had such a positive impact on many customers by the good work and dedication that drives my team and Stuller.

jenny wiggins management team
My management team

Currently, I’m the Director of Jewelry Logistics Operations. I lead a team of more than sixty people in jewelry receiving, order filling, inventory management and other jewelry related processes. We manage the jewelry from the moment it enters our facility or department until it reaches the point of shipping. My current job never allows me to have any day like the last. I appreciate our ever-changing requests and challenges. And having a dedicated team on my side makes for an enjoyable work life.

My sister (Amanda Ashy) works here at Stuller. As a teenager, I would listen to her stories about her days at work. I was extremely curious about the company and had to see it myself. So, at the age of nineteen, I applied. If it were not for my sister, I’m not sure I would have started my career in the jewelry industry. So, thanks to her!

My favorite memory is the surprise party my team arranged when I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL). It was complete with the graduation song, ULL décor and a beautiful pearl necklace and bracelet to wear on graduation day. Here’s the story behind the pearls. Weeks before graduation, I searched our inventory for the perfect pearl strand to wear for the ceremony, and I was particular about what I wanted. The one closest to what I wanted was too long. It just didn’t work. I didn’t want to buy from anywhere but Stuller, so I gave up. But my team did not. Secretly, they purchased the long strand and worked with a team in-house to create the perfect necklace and bracelet from the one strand. I could not believe that so many people were able to keep the secret from me. I will treasure the pearls forever!

Travels to France and Germany 
Jenny Wiggins France Travels Jenny Wiggins Lyon France Travels Jenny Wiggins Germany Travels

When I’m away from work, my husband and I love to travel! Since we met, we have taken multiple trips each year. We have visited Europe (seven countries), Montreal, New York, Boston, California, Arizona, and Oklahoma. I love the challenge that traveling brings — the strangers, different culture, sometimes language, transportation… and it makes for everlasting memories.

Jenny Wiggins Grand Canyon Travels

Here at Stuller, we specifically hold a promise to make our customers heroes. Our focus shapes everything we do from the growth of our offerings, the ways we produce products, the customer ordering channels, and of course, how we use our time. The jewelry trends we offer meet our customers wants and needs. In fact, in 2016, my team processed millions of incoming receipts and outgoing order lines, handling every package as if the jewelry were our own. We gave our best to ensure the successes of our customers!

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Jenny Wiggins

I joined Stuller in 2006 • I want to revisit Germany or Austria, and stay for at least a year • Amazed by the amount of coffee and roads in the world • Serious phobia of fruit punch • I wave to animals, and as a child, every single person I saw • I will never own a bumper sticker • Did dinosaurs really exist?