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Feature Friday – Daniel Evans

The friendly, family jeweler

Evans Jewelers

Seeing satisfied customers is the best, whether it’s from a custom piece, selling a piece from the cases, or from a repair. We truly love and appreciate all of our customers and seeing them happy is hands down the best part of this business.

Our family as a whole has been in the jewelry industry for more than 30 years. We are a second generation jewelry store. My father was in the industry for years, and 16 years ago, following in his footsteps, I decided to go out on my own and open another Evans Jewelers. And here we are today.

I’ve seen the ins and outs of this industry starting from an early age and always knew I wanted to own my own store. I love owning my own business and being self-employed. I wanted to build something for the next generation (my two sons and their families). And like I said earlier, family is always my top priority. Owning my own business allowed me to have more flexible work hours for my children growing up.

Even though I own the store, I have a couple of other hats to wear: working directly with _DSC4276customers, managing the store’s finances, and doing things on the sales floor, which is my favorite part.

Not only is our store family owned but family operated as well. I work alongside my wife
and daughter-in-law. My two sons also help out in their spare time. We’re truly a family business. When you come to Evans Jewelers, you will always see an Evans. We like keeping it simple. This way our customers always know who they are dealing with and what to expect.

One of my favorite memories is of one of our dear friends and also a great customer. She came in after her mother had passed and brought a few different rings with smaller diamonds wanting to do something special in her memory. We took the diamonds out of the rings and melted the gold down into a round disc pendant. We then took all of the diamonds and drill set them into the disc. She cried when she saw what we had created with her Mother’s jewelry and has not taken off the necklace since.

_DSC4423At Evans, our mainstay is definitely our diamond jewelry with about 90% all being custom design pieces. Repairs are also a huge part of our business. It’s pretty steady all year around.

We do have some cool factor going on as well. We have a walk-in humidor, which houses our personal cigar blends, and a penny top bar and wine shop._DSC4378


Technology is a big part of our business, and it’s always changing. We’ve seen a change in the technology of repairs, but we still like to do things the old way. We’ve definitely seen a huge change through technology in our marketing. We can reach so many more people with Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media. It still amazes me the response we get from our Facebook page _DSC4139 (1)versus our radio ads, which we run on a few local stations.

We’ve been a Stuller customer since we opened our own store 16 years ago. My father, Mr. Evans, also had an account with Stuller, so I guess you can say I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have a Stuller account.

My parting words are this: To stay competitive and up to date in the new era of business in which we now work and live in, we must explore all creative avenues to keep community involvement and business booming. Team up with local charities a_DSC4668nd community outreach programs, push your social media accounts, host open houses and trunk shows, and get involved in your community.


Daniel Evans

Owner, Evans Jewelers

Been in the jewelry industry for 16 years • I love owning my own business • Family is my top priority • My favorite hobby is yard work and being outside • My children always say 'Give me a cigar or an oatmeal cake and I am one happy man'.