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Feature Friday – Do Amore Ltd.

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The ring company that wanted to do more

Welcome to Do Amore ™

Our mission is simple. Every ethical ring gives two people in a developing country access to clean water.


Each ring that we sell co-funds a water well in a developing country, giving two people lifetime access to clean water and changing their lives forever. While different communities need different solutions, a typical water project consists of a well with a hand pump. Bringing this water to communities provides hydration, as well as sanitation and hygiene. With fresh water nearby, people spend less time traveling and transporting water while eliminating the need to venture to remote or dangerous places to gather water. The impact is substantial. Clean water leads to improved health, safety, education, jobs, and economic growth. Find more on how it works here.

All Do Amore rings arrive in an environmentally friendly, handmade wood box
Do Amore Ethical Ring Moissanite Engagement Ring Do Amore Three Stone Engagement Ring

Our company gives the bridal couple the opportunity to change the lives of others on their special day. How do we do it, you ask? By taking less profit, we can make a substantial positive change with each purchase while still reasonably pricing our rings. Every purchase has a significant impact. Our rings not only change the couple’s life forever, but also two other lives as well.

Do Amore Water Crisis Well Ethiopia

In Latin, Do Amore means, “I give with Love.” Our store name represents the customer who is giving a ring to someone with love while also giving others in developing countries clean water. It was the perfect name. Additionally, it has the words “do more” in it and every Do Amore rings does just that! Another focus of our business is providing superior service to our customers. We strive to give customers the best experience they’ve ever had, not just in jewelry, but all around. I like to imagine each piece of jewelry as if I were giving it to a loved one, treated with the utmost care.

Our business operates exclusively online. Our mission is to end the water crisis. To achieve this, we need to sell a lot of rings! Conducting business online is the best channel for us to meet this goal. As the founder and CEO, my job is to do anything I can to grow our business while making sure our customers get the best quality rings possible. My wonderful staff can join the cause while finding their jobs enjoyable, fulfilling, and challenging. One of my fondest memories was traveling to Ethiopia to see the first water well funded by our business. The opportunity to meet members of the community was an amazing, emotional and inspiring experience.

I am a mechanical engineer by trade. I was working on an oil and gas drilling rig near Shreveport, Louisiana when I actually came up with the idea for my business. As I watched well after well being drilled, I learned how hard it was to drill for oil and gas, but how easy it was to drill for water. We would hit water on the first day of drilling then go another few weeks until we struck oil. I recognized how easy it was to reach water and felt motivated to do something about it. I decided to sell a product that had high volume and high profit margins so that each time it sold, I could use the margin to make a difference without charging consumers any extra. Engagement and wedding rings are the perfect product. Additionally, I was looking for an engagement ring at the time, and it concerned me how products that symbolized love and commitment were shrouded with questionable ethics. With this vision, I aspired to impart the idea of starting married life not only with love but also with giving.

Every Ring Gives Clean Water

Do Amore is committed to a high standard of ethics, so I am very conscious about the origins of our raw materials. All of our rings are made in the U.S.A. from recycled precious metals, and our diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free and ethically sourced. I began doing business with Stuller when I realized their precious metal sourcing and refining matched our needs. Stuller’s ongoing environmental consciousness has led to a strong partnership with our company.

I challenge all who read to “Do Amore,” to give with love, to join the movement and be an advocate for positive change in the world.

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Krish Himmatramka

Founder and CEO of Do Amore Ltd. • Obsessed with Technology • In love with vegetarian food • Obsessed with excellent customer service • Mechanical Engineer by trade • Traveller of the world • I’m in love with Texas!