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Feature Friday – Candace Ledet

Candace Ledet Stuller Associate FF Blog

The gracious, goal-seeking Team Stuller associate

Candace Ledet Team Stuller

Nearly 10 years ago, I was working at Kohl’s and attending the University of Louisiana here in Lafayette. In my search for another job, a friend told me about Stuller and mentioned they were hiring. I came to pick up an application, filled it out and brought it back the next day. About a week later, Stuller called for an interview. After anxious waiting, I finally received a call asking if I was still interested in working with the company. Of course, my reply was yes! Throughout my time here, I moved through a few different departments. I began as an Order Filler. About three years later, I transitioned to a Prototype Receiver. Almost three years after that, I applied to be a Returns Credit Processor – the position I currently hold.

As a Returns Credit Processor within the Logistics Operations department, it’s my duty to ensure that customer credits are handled in a timely manner. I strive to place myself in customers’ shoes and deliver quality service I would expect from the company if I were on the other end of the interaction. I enjoy what I do and try to reach this target each day in an effort to make our customers heroes.

Candace Ledet Gabba dog
My dog, Gabba

I stay inspired by pushing myself on the job. Though I’m comfortable doing my daily tasks, I sometimes start to lose motivation. In those situations, I must push myself outside of my comfort zone. I relate this to my workout goals knowing I can reach them by working harder and stronger. In turn, I always encourage people to push their professional limits. It’s also important to get involved in something new. This challenges me and adds motivation.

The main advice I would give to a younger me is never to give up on what you are trying to accomplish. Live with a purpose and work to achieve your life’s goals. My favorite advice is to stay true to yourself and be confident. Listen to what others have to say but always have the confidence to make up your mind and express your own thoughts. It would be a very boring world if we were all the same. So believe in yourself and do what is right. And last but not least, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Candace Ledet Team Stuller family

My favorite memory working at Stuller was when I worked in the Fulfillment Department. As they say, those were the good ol’ days! Also, being a part of TEAM STULLER is something I will always cherish. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family. Family is all about the simplest things – like hanging out around the house and enjoying a good ol’ home cooked meal. We talk, laugh, and have a joyful time just being in each other’s company. After all, there’s nothing like family, whose love is life’s greatest blessing. Also, I enjoy working out and walking my dog, Gabba.

Interestingly enough, I knew little about the jewelry industry before working here. But I sure am glad how it turned out! Now that I’m involved, I look forward to learning more and more. Since I have been working at Stuller, the jewelry industry has changed rapidly. One takeaway is acknowledging and embracing change. Whether good or bad, change is inevitable. To have control over change, I replace fearful thoughts with something positive and hopeful.

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Candace Ledet

Returns Credit Processor

I began working for Stuller nearly 10 years ago • Currently a Returns Credit Processor within the Logistics Operations department • Whether at work or in the gym, I enjoy pushing myself to reach my goals • My family matters most to me - I love hanging out with them • My sweet puppy Gabba has my heart!