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How to Market Family Fashion Jewelry to Female Self-Purchasers

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Here are 4 quick tips to promote fabulous family jewelry and personalized pieces

There’s a huge segment of customers out there who take delight in buying jewelry for themselves. These self-purchasers are usually middle-aged, established in their careers, and are likely mothers and grandmothers.

And is there anything stronger than a mother’s love? She adores her children and grandchildren, so why not offer family fashion jewelry to honor those dear to her heart? After all, self-purchasers treat themselves with personal gifts, and nothing is more personal than her beloved family.


Mother's Day Jewelry Personalization
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Here are a few ideas to help market family fashion jewelry to self-purchasing women.


1. Allocate Proper Case Space

To appeal to self-purchasers, start by allocating proper area for personalized and family jewelry. Often, this jewelry category doesn’t receive enough space in the case. Remember, a small spread is all you need to make a big impact! She’ll stop right in her tracks when she sees on-trend personalization and family fashion jewelry in your showcases.


2. Hit Every Price Point

Every customer is different. Try to accommodate the style and desire of every mom out there. Be sure your selection shows a range of price points— from metal initial necklaces to Diamond-accented family rings. Stuller strives to offer an assortment of personalized and family jewelry that will fit the style (and budget!) of every self-purchasing customer.

3. Feature On-Trend Family Fashion Jewelry

It’s easy to incorporate trendy design accents into your family fashion jewelry lineup. Women have fallen in love with bar necklaces. Take this trend to the next level with family jewelry bar necklaces, as shown below. Also, interesting gemstone cuts are super hot right now. Feature exciting shapes like baguettes, marquise, trillions, and more in your latest family jewelry designs. Browse our full selection of family fashion jewelry on

4. Promote Personalized Fine Jewelry

From traditional monogram necklaces to script nameplates, she’ll treasure these very personal gifts forever. Offer personalized items for first-time mothers who are looking for a way to celebrate the birth of their newborn blessing. Or, suggest moms purchase multiple pendants to layer all her children’s initials on one chain! Browse our array of personalized jewelry on 

Have you figured out creative ways to market family fashion jewelry to self-purchasers in your area? Let us know your tactics in the comments below.


Michelle Judice