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Celebrate Fall with Pantone’s Deep Rooted Palette

Sophisticated autumn neutrals with natural roots
Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette

Experience Autumn with Pantone’s Deep Rooted Palette


Happy Autumnal Equinox! Today we celebrate the first day of fall as we embrace the iconic elements of the season — oranges and browns, the smell of pumpkin pie, fuzzy scarves, and of course, the changing leaves. Autumn is rich with cool, crisp air and natural earthy tones. The charming fall shades in Pantone’s Deep Rooted Palette play well with Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette gemstonesAnd as a jeweler, let these natural tones guide your choices as you stock your showcases with the pieces ready to pair with the season ahead. For seasonal suggestions, we’ve combined the neutral shades of Pantone’s Deep Rooted Palette with fall emblems and affordable gemstones. After all, colored gemstones aren’t just for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries — they’re opportunities to merge color and personality to create unique, striking designs.


Sepia Tint

Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Sepia Tint Smoky Quartz

A warm mocha brown, Sepia Tint gives a robust and grounded woody feel. Smoky Quartz embodies this enchanting shade and lends itself to nature-inspired designs.

Chai Tea

Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Chai Tea Leaf Tiger Eye

Do yourself a favor and order a pumpkin spice chai tea latte at your nearest coffee shop. It’ll taste rich and smooth, much like this scorching Pantone shade. And Tiger Eye‘s honey-tinged hue is sure to satisfy any sweet-toothed craving.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice’s balmy organic shade has the creamy neutrality that we adore, especially during Autumn. Likewise, Swarovski Sand Smoky Quartz boasts sophisticated elegance that makes a powerful statement.


Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Sharkskin Spade Tahitian Pearl

Sharkskin’s graphite gray reminds us of garden tools and Tahitian Pearls with its metallic sheen. Dig up your produce in the daytime, then drape your best Tahitian pearl strand for a hearty home-cooked autumn feast!


Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Greenery Pumpkin Peridot

Like a bustling pumpkin patch in mid-October, Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery, communicates bloom and excitement. Look for this enchanting apple green in Peridot, the perfect complement to lively, harvest time fashions.


Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Chrysanthemum Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire

Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire signifies exuberance with a sparkling burst of coral brilliance. The gem’s unconventional color exudes a warmth that brings a healthy glow to the complexion. Like strawberry jam, this shade will sweeten any style!

Grey Pinstripe

Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Grey Pinstripe Sweater Tourmalinated Quartz

Fall means sweater weather! Grab your favorite wool sweatshirt and pair it with these scratchy Onyx & Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings. Gray pinstripe is a staple color, granting self-assuring boldness to its wearer. 


Pantone's Deep Rooted Palette Tofu Candle Opal

Another soothing neutral shade, Tofu exudes a delicate creamy tone. Opal captures this hue, complementing all complexions and burning with allure.

How do you feel about Pantone’s Deep Rooted palette for fall? Which gemstones sell best in your store this season? Let us know in the comments below! Also, find more autumn-colored gemstones here.

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