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Expand Your Jewelry Business With Contemporary Metal Wedding Bands

Titanium bands contemporary wedding

Capitalize on contemporary and alternative metal wedding bands that are on the rise with the modern couple.

According to The Knot, the most popular time of year to get married is September and October. Now is the perfect time to look at your bridal and wedding band business and search for what can launch you to a new level ahead of those fall weddings. Today’s modern couple is looking for something different. While the classic gold wedding band will never go out of style, grooms want options. Have you considered contemporary metal wedding bands?

Contemporary metal bands open a world of possibilities for the modern and unique couple. They use nontraditional materials to provide new design and color options. The key to being successful with alternative metal wedding bands like these is to educate your customers on their options and attract them by finding the best fit for their personal style.

Let’s explore contemporary metals, their benefits, and how you can easily offer new options to your customers.

Precious Metals vs. Contemporary Metals: What's the Difference?

When we say classic or precious metals, we are talking about metals that possess a certain rarity that increases their value over time — gold, platinum, palladium, and sterling silver. The metal alloys used to make wedding bands made of precious metals are easy to work with and provide a range of possibilities when it comes to customization, such as engravings and finishes. Precious metal wedding bands are ideal for someone wanting a ring with a classic, timeless appeal that holds value and can be a potential heirloom.


Contemporary metals are more common than precious metals, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. These metals, such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, tantalum, ceramic, and silicone, are reasonably durable and easy to maintain over time. They come in a variety of colors and styles that expand on the options of white, yellow, and rose that are offered in the precious metals. Rings like these will appeal to someone wanting a comfortable, modern option with an accessible price point to meet all budgets.

Contemporary Metal Wedding Bands: Learn the Highlights

While many couples will approach you knowing exactly what they are looking for in a wedding band, that will not always be the case. They will also be looking to you as an expert to help guide them through the process. As you assist them by discussing options, use these three highlights to help the couple understand why they should consider contemporary metal wedding bands.

  1. Modern Style Options
    Alternative colors and materials that stand out are one of the major benefits of contemporary metal wedding bands. Along with the popular yellow, white, and rose colors, you might also have rings in black, gray, blue, and more. Materials like wood and meteorite also bring in new textures and designs that catch the eye.
  2. Price Point
    According to The Knot, the average groom is spending about half on his wedding band that the bride is spending. Precious metal options are great investment opportunities, but there are grooms that want more affordable options that still come with style. Contemporary metal wedding bands are set at price points that appeal to a wide range of budgets.
  3. Durability and Maintenance
    Each contemporary metal varies in scratch and crack resistance, but all are relatively durable. They are the perfect rings for someone who works with their hands or is active. There is no concern for wearing these rings day after day and maintaining their quality.

Stuller Selling Solutions: Adding Contemporary Metal Bands to Your Case

If you’ve made the decision to expand your contemporary metal wedding bands offerings but need a place to start, we have an easy solution for you. Our Contemporary Metal Wedding Bands Selling Systems (653655) provide you with pre-merchandised, curated assortments of contemporary metal band styles in an easy-to-use display. Show off these styles in your case and watch as they catch your customers’ eyes.

You can choose between a 24-piece selling system that offers the most diverse set of options or choose between five individual 6-piece assortments for the styles you feel your customers will enjoy the most. All selling systems feature a unique selection of colors and includes a mixture of best-selling and new contemporary metal wedding bands.

Take Your Next Steps

As jewelers, we are all preparing for the busiest time of our year. With the holiday shopping season, fall wedding season, and the holiday proposal season all approaching quickly, decisions must be made for how to stand out. Investing in your wedding band business is sure to pay off and will set you apart. Have the conversation about contemporary metal wedding bands with your customers and watch your business grow.


Nadine Savoy

Assistant Product Manager, Bridal

Nadine holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix. Her 17-year journey within Stuller and her in-depth knowledge and passion of wedding bands has made a pathway to become a wedding band expert.