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Bridesmaids Jewelry – Diamond Stud Earrings Bring the (Bridal) Party

Perfect pairings with timeless classics for the entire bridal party.

As a couple’s special day approaches, they will begin to think of last-minute details. Dresses, tuxes, decorations, vendors, and more have all been well thought out. The couple has probably even thought about the jewelry they plan on wearing. But have they thought about everyone in the bridal party? A great solution for day-of jewelry for the bridal party is a favorite classic — diamond stud earrings.

The fall wedding season is in full swing, spring weddings are approaching, and holiday engagements are upon us. Now is the time to position diamond stud earrings as the perfect add-on or gift for the entire bridal party. With so many carat total weights to choose from in both natural and lab-grown options, there is a diamond stud earring for every budget and style.

From a simple solo stud earring to a fascinating ear stack, let’s look at different styles the entire bridal party can enjoy.

The Solo Stud

Simple and classic, the diamond stud earring is a favored piece of jewelry perfect for all occasions. Offer a variety of settings, stone shapes, metal qualities, and more to fit all styles a couple and their bridal party might need.

Stud Paired with Other Studs

Studs on studs on studs… now it’s a (bridal) ear party! One of the best complements to the classic diamond stud earring is a selection of other studs to climb the ear. Pair with trending enameled studs or gemstone studs for pops of color or metal studs for a simple look.


Stud Paired with a Jacket

A jacket earring styled with a statement diamond stud earring provides depth and an interesting design that stands out. If a bride and her bridesmaids are looking for a modern and eye-catching look, this is the perfect combo.


Stud Paired with a Cuff

For the bridal party that is all about an ear party, ear cuffs provide a great way to provide a stack with diamond studs. With the petit and minimalist nature of many ear cuffs, they provide the perfect balance between simple and statement ear stacks.


Stud Paired with Hoops and Huggies

Hoops and huggies come in a variety of sizes that stack well with diamond studs, which make for great options for both subtle and noticeable ear stacks.


A classic that is always in style, diamond stud earrings provide a versatile, cost-effective, and beautiful addition to any wedding day for the whole bridal party. With styles and price points to fit every need, these subtle statements can be enjoyed by everyone.


Alisse Keil

Former Product Manager, Fine Jewelry

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