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How to Leverage Custom Imprinted Jewelry Packaging

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Add colors and coordination to secure your branding in the minds of consumers

Perhaps you’ve had your jewelry store for years now. You’ve established yourself within the community after servicing multiple generations. Your store has excelled as a reliable force for customers in the area. Word of mouth recommendation for your business is strong. But is there more you can do to establish a cohesive brand?

Start by auditing your packaging lineup. From tissue to boxes to bags, take a moment to reflect on your branding efforts — and legacy — as you hone in on your business’s image. Luckily, Stuller’s options for customizing your jewelry packaging are vast and exciting.

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Your packaging is your flag. Here are three easy ways to stand apart using custom imprinted jewelry packaging—

1. Curate your color scheme

Envision your store’s design. Do you have a signature color accented throughout the store? If not, take a moment to observe your merchandise and evaluate which color would best complement your store’s vibe.

Rule of Thumb – It’s hard to go wrong with neutral tones set against bright pops of color

If you want a deep, rich color scheme . . .

For deep blue, purple, or burgundy boxes and bags, consider gold foil accents in your custom imprinted jewelry packaging. Customers will feel luxurious as they carry out their new jewelry in style.

If you want a sleek, clean look . . .

Choose either a white box with a black logo or a black box with your logo in white. This is a dynamic look and your customers will appreciate its straightforwardness.

If you’re targeting a younger demographic . . .

Consider digital imprinting. Did you know Stuller is one of few companies to offer digital imprinting? Using this process, you can customize your logo color to a specific Pantone or CMYK Color. In turn, if you follow trends, you can coordinate your logo colors to move right along with what’s in vogue. Your younger clientele will appreciate this ever-evolving attention to detail and your custom imprinted jewelry packaging will always be ready for Instagram!

2. Look at your logo

Once you’ve sorted out your colors, take a second glance at your logo. If you’re in the mood to update your logo and don’t have access to proper resources, our custom imprinting team has 7 template options available for $99. Simply choose a pre-configured style that will help convey your store’s unique elements.

3. Add in a few add-ons

Maybe you already have custom imprinted jewelry packaging and carefully crafted store colors. Kudos! As always, there’s still room to invigorate your business. Consider this: restaurants have branded matchboxes, dentists have their names on toothbrushes, why shouldn’t a jewelry store have its own customized giveaway?

Go the extra mile by adding your logo to our variety of custom cleaners or cleaning cloths as a giveaway for your clientele. It’s something both thoughtful and functional that’ll be much appreciated. With four types available — gentle, fine, natural, and silver — there’s a cleaner available for every type of jewelry you sell.

 Custom imprinted jewelry packaging klean karats cleaner

Another option to offer is our new Klean Karats® Gentle Foam CleanerDon’t worry, even though you can’t have your logo directly imprinted onto these just yet, there is no shortage of inventive ways to impart your own personal twist. Try our custom seals with your logo, for example (available in kraft, silver, or gold). These make great gift tags and when tied with ribbon, this new foam cleaner will be a treat for your customers.

Learn more about custom imprinting options at

When you’re ready to take the big leap toward custom imprinted jewelry packaging, give us a call at 800-877-7777 ext. 6144.


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