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Mountings Catalog

Need $1000 to Build Your Brand? Use your NEW Mountings Catalog to complete the crossword puzzle below for a chance to win!


Using Mountings Catalog 2023-2024, complete the crossword any time before October 21!


Once you complete the puzzle, click SUBMIT to download your submission and then a pop-up will appear.


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A randomly selected winner of a $1,000 Stuller Account Credit will be announced on October 26! Must have a Stuller Account in good standing to win. GOOD LUCK! #CrosswordCatalogContest



1.These earring mountings remind us of a type of drink.(page 824)
3.Featured in the Religious and Spiritual section, this pendant shape comes in variety of styles and sizes. (page 908)
5.What do earrings wear when they are cold? (page 889)
8.Stuller’s Classic Wedding Bands can be customized with _________ on the inside and the outside of the band. (page 314)
9.How many stone shapes are featured within the Fashion Ring Mountings Section? (page 371)
10.3C wedding band style 124563 holds How many stones? (page 310)
12.What product has a manufacturing method that results in premium-quality settings that stand up well to daily wear and offer additional security for stones? (page 228)
14.What type of shank offers a range of technologies to create custom fit rings? (page 261)
15.A unique chain that allows you to easily add or remove slides, pendants, or charms by using the thin bar attached to the chain end. (page 768)
17.The Fashion Rings Mountings section features an entire section dedicated to _____ rings, ideal for layering and for today’s self-purchaser. (page 532)


1.A destination on that saves you time by narrowing down the chain selection to a specific chain style, length, width, or color. (page 748)
2.When you see this badge, it means you can quickly and easily customize the flexible design on (page 26)
4.This engagement ring style features a timeless design. (page 18)
6.A ring which has a flat oval or circular section on the top, traditionally engraved with a seal or monogram, and worn on the pinky finger. (page 931)
7.A bracelet that features diamonds around the entire piece. (pages 892-898)
10.The Fashion Ring Mountings section features 3C designs. These designs offer many variations of choice because of their ___ design. (pages 373- 532)
11.A diamond band that has stones around the entire band is known as what type of band?
13.A new section at the end of pendant mountings features what product type that is also included in the name of a 302 collection? (page 715)
16.What type of shank starts on page 255?

Find official contest rules here on If you do not have access to a social media account, email a screenshot of your completed crossword to