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Create Mother’s Day Magic

How engraving makes the ordinary gift extraordinary

Scariest moment ever: proposing to my then-girlfriend. Close second: picking a Mother’s Day gift for the other special woman in my life. Seriously, every year I go through the same thing. I flip through catalogs for pretty things, I look online for inspiration, I secretly poll her friends for suggestions, I scour her Facebook page for hints. In the end, I try to pick something that conveys how great my mom is and everything she means to me (not that any gift comes close, mind you). And I’m not alone. For most people, finding the right Mother’s Day present is a nail-biting experience. But this year, I’ve finally discovered how to make the whole event a lot less painful: selecting something personalized.

Consumers are shying away from mass-produced objets-d’art. They expect everything they hang on their walls to be a reflection of their personalities. It goes without saying, then, that they expect their jewelry to be just as personal, if not more so. The more handmade-do-it-yourself-thinking-of-you-always a piece is the better. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are fueling the craze. So what do you offer customers who want something unique if they can’t afford customized jewelry? Engraving. Engraving takes an ordinary object and assigns a value that’s richer than gold. Because what’s more precious than gold (besides platinum, that is)? Sentiment.

Consider Taylor. Last December, Taylor Burgess, our director of bridal jewelry, received the Christmas gift to trump all Christmas gifts. Taylor, who had had been recently searching for a band to stack with her engagement set, finally found the one. Mark Melancon, band product manager, had been working on developing metal bands with feminine details. One day, Taylor walked into Mark’s office where samples of these bands were strewn across his desk. Eureka! One fit Taylor’s set perfectly. But the story doesn’t end there.

Taylor was excited that she finally found one to fit. Around the same time, Taylor’s husband messaged Morgan, Stuller’s bridal project major asking for advice about what to get his wife for Christmas. Morgan let him know of Taylor’s recent discovery and strongly suggested that he consider getting that band. He wasn’t convinced it was the right gift, but when Morgan told him he could engrave the band with a personal message, he was sold. And he knew exactly what message he wanted to put.

When Christmas finally arrived, Taylor was stunned to open the box and find that perfect band inscribed with the word “The luckiest,” the title of the song she walked down the aisle to. So romantic!

Taylor’s gift could have been a band. And it certainly would have been special. But the choice to have it engraved made it the gift of a lifetime. As your customers come in needing your help to find that perfect gift for their mom, steer them in the direction of gifts that can be engraved. These are often reasonably to high-priced items, and the engraving service is a nice upsell.

How have you used personalization to close sales in your store? Share your story with us in the comments section.

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