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4 New Features From the Latest CounterSketch Software Update

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New design options to help bolster creativity and better serve your customers

On May 30th, 2018 Gemvision released a CounterSketch software update and I’m incredibly excited about it. Not only is it the first release during my time as CounterSketch product manager, but I know the new features will have an immediate impact on how users employ the software. If you haven’t purchased CounterSketch yet, I encourage you to take a second look; it just got easier. In this Blog, I’ll detail each of the new features and, when necessary, explain why we chose to improve the software in this manner.

New Design Stack Option

We have simplified the design stack by creating an abridged version that lets you change center stone shape and size and choose from eight of the most popular sliders for that model. This limited design stack works beautifully when you don’t want to overwhelm customers with options, or if you’re training new staff. As always, you can choose the more advanced version of the model for full slider functionality.

See the simplified vs. advanced design stack options
CounterSketch Doftware Update Model Toggle

Open available 3C styles from to CounterSketch

Now with the click of a button, you can open a design directly from or Stuller Showcase into CounterSketch. This new feature allows you to pick up where you left the design without having to recreate the style. No more entering style numbers and redesigning a piece in CounterSketch. By synchronizing these two digital environments, you provide a smooth transition to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

 See how to open designs from Stuller Showcase into CounterSketch
CounterSketch Software Update Showcase to CSS

Improved Filter Accuracy

Our improved filter accuracy lets you search filters with confidence, quickly navigating to the style in your library that matches your customer’s request. The revised slider names give you noticeably improved consistency of the most popular slider names. By standardizing the name of library model sliders, you’ll get faster, easier results that you and your customers will appreciate.

New Language Options

CounterSketch is now available in eight different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Greek.

See how to modify language options 
CounterSketch Software Update Language Settings

For additional information on employing these new features, watch a replay of the latest CounterSketch Software Update Webinar at

Haven’t received the CounterSketch software update? Call or email our sales team at 800-357-6272 or to ensure your upgrade subscription information is up to date.

Download and print this handout to share the new CounterSketch software update with your team


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